Things you’d rather not look at:

A reflection of yourself in the monitor of this PC

Your professor’s face while he was waiting for your response
Your boss’s name in the call registry of your mobile

Your mom’s face when you simply cannot finish your breakfast
A blank Microsoft word document after 30 minutes of thinking and not knowing what to write
An empty wallet

Your father’s disappointed stare.
A silver medal
Your worst acne attack in the mirror
Primetime news program

Your lover holding somebody else’s hand
A missed flight
A picture of a vulture beside a dying African child
A smut magazine under your son’s bed
Traffic jam on a rainy day

Your roommate using your favorite cardigan
and the note he left saying “be right back, thanks”
(Again) Your mother wearing your sister’s tank top
Your credit card bill
Pair of white socks worn with black shoes and pants
An arrest warrant with your name on it
Pamela Anderson in a neon green and orange ensemble

A sexy lady carrying a fake Louis Vuitton handbag
A soggy pasta
A manuscript your editor has completely bulldozed
Your mother, this time, crying
A talk show hosted by someone whose surname is Bank
A beautiful sunset and you’re all by yourself
A list of the passers for a licensure exam without your name in it
Your ex looking so happy and satisfied with a current relationship
A positive HIV-test result

Your parents waving their hands to you in the airport’s departure area
Victims of a cyclone in Myanmar
Any American sitcom
A letter of foreclosure from the bank
Your torn pants and worn slippers
A cockroach flying towards you
A capsized ferry in the Philippines
An Inc, 4.0, or 5.0, F
A mound of your unwashed clothes

Another People Power
Price of oil at 200 USD a barrel
A work termination paper on top of your desk
Inflation rate on a double digit a year
Polar ice caps melting
A divorce attorney who is starting to date your mom
Your boyfriend holding another man’s hand
Yourself sitting on a bench in the park, jobless
Seeing fear in your eyes
This useless attempt on poetry

Reality, truth, but do you have a choice?


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