Random thoughts

From now on I decided to make the contents of this blog more personal. That is to say that the blog will have my character not only with regard to the tone but also with the topics it shall cover. It dawned on me that if there is one advantage online media has over all other traditional media it is its ability to lend to its users the chance to be more personal about almost everything, which is next to impossible for all other earlier types of media. I’m not saying, however, that I will not anymore look into current events. Events of the day shall be secondary to my reflections on mundane things that are happening to me in this foreign land. I will have to stay here for roughly eight more months and I want to keep the time of my stay here as memorable as possible and to document them along the way.

Since it is weekend, I had the luxury to spend my entire day resting, reading emails, and browsing open access online journals of different universities around the world. At five-thirty, I decided to have hair cut since my hair is already starting to have a life of its own-not heeding my attempts to keep it in one place. The lady barber and I had a difficult time telling and comprehending what each other wanted to say. Nonetheless, my haircut turned out well. I was satisfied.

I also had to buy medications for my pimples; my face cannot anymore stand the dust and allergens produced by the streets of Hanoi everyday including my early morning sleeping time and a lifestyle that is starting to succumb to unhealthiness: here it means eating at an irregular intervals and sleeping for more than ten hours a day. Had it not been for my daily cycling to and from the school, my unsightly belly will have to be more prominent. I’m thinking of enrolling to a fitness gym in the middle of the month. I admit that I’ve never been fat. For somebody who is a hundred and eighty centimeters (5 feet 11 and ½ inches) my weight of 80 kilogram (roughly 160 lbs) is considerably disproportionate in relation to my height.

I arrived home dinner time after getting lost for I-do-not-know-for-how-many-times in Hanoi’s circuitous roads.


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