On why there is the need to increase tuition

Below is a comment posted by tapeworm as a response to a comment made by has been my student. The content of the comment, which I agree but missed to write in my previous response because I thought that most student understand the reason behind the increase in tuition, should again be reconsidered.

from has been my student
<i>our administration here is just waiting for a collective action. and i wonder why some organizations here are pro-tofi although they always say “for the students, by the students”, that would mean they care for the students. Sir, do you think being a pro-tofi organization protects the right of the students to an “affordable education”, where in fact, the parents of these students who are poor are having a hard time just to let their son/daughter enroll to UP because of tofi? </i>

Being pro-tofi doesn’t mean that these organizations DO NOT CARE about the welfare of the students. If you take a look at the rate of the UP tuition you will find out that during the 80’s the students were already paying 200 pesos. So much, if you ask everybody, during that time. And why does UP dont have the right to increase its tuition when the everything has already increased (just a little economics here please).

Remember how your mothers and fathers and lolos and lolas would tell you about the prices of goods then. Just logic and reality, the university has to increase its tuition simply because the rate (200pesos) could no longer equal the value of 200pesos today. It’s been almost 20 years since this was imposed and dont tell me 200pesos twenty years ago is still the same 200pesos you have right now.

We need to sustain the university. We cant solely depend on the subsidy that our government provides. We need to find other ways in order for the university to keep its teachers. Many of our professors, if you have noticed, have already gone out of the country. why? because the university cannot pay them anymore.

We are not the only university that the government is supporting. We have other institutions to consider. You asked, <i>”do you think being a pro-tofi organization protects the right of the students to an “affordable education”? </i>

We are already losing a lot of our professors. We are actually considering the fact that our professors also need an increase. They also have their families that they have to provide. We always clamor for the best education. How can we get this if we are already losing our best professors? We don,t want to wake up one day only to find out that all of them has deserted us.



2 thoughts on “On why there is the need to increase tuition”

  1. i rili biliv that the government must have a higher education subsidy….. hindi tofi ang sagot…..subsidiya mula sa gobyerno ang kailiangan natin na mga taga_up at iba pang pampublikong paaralan..;;;tama ang sinasabi ni ‘been your student Says”….plus…… hidi rin natin kailangan ng bansag o titulo na National University…….why””” simple…..pera ang kailangan ng pamantasan hindi pangalan…..

  2. – the story that tapeworm is referring to must be narrated to the government because UP needs a greater state subsidy and not an increase in tuition fee. if only the students here are collectively asking for a higher subsidy from the government, our professors in the university would not resign just because of the salary that they could usually get from the government. moreover, many poor but deserving students should have been enrolled in this university with an affordable rates of fees. yes, we also have many institutions that should be subsidized by the government. but what is the 12% VAt for that the government has imposed to the people? billions of pesos has been derived from VAT but those billions were only used for a program that has a short term effects(e.g. subsidy on electricity consummation). what is the purpose of being a premier state university if the government will not fully do its job?

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