The bigger problem UP faces

I was reading the exchanges in the upvstudentorg yahoo groups when I happened to read this opinion written by a student in UPV. I am pasting it here verbatim.

For the past few days we have been discussing about what role should we take as students of the University of the Philippines as a response to the problems faced by this country and the university as well and whether the paths we take to address the issues are true to their purpose. But I guess a more harrowing problem is being faced by the University. It is never my style to ridicule but the following opinion mirrors how low the decline of UP education has gone:

In my opinion about this stuff, kaming mga batch 2007 and 2008 lang
ang affected ng TOFI right?So, I should be thankful pa nga kasi
nakikialam yung those people who were you calling “tibak”.Anyway, if
I am not mistaken, you said that it is the people who were paying
for OUR tuition fee. Well, I think you stand to be corrected kasi,
it is my parents who are paying for my tuition fee. If you’re belong
to upper year, then I might ask you a question, how come na wala na
kayong tinatawag na “late registration fee?”Don’t tell me na hindi
nag-rally yung mga “tibak”?Eh di sana kung ganun,di na kailangang
mag-rally di ba? Kaya nga tinawag na highest form of expression eh,
kasi di na pinakikinggan. Kung free ang tuition ko, well, there’s
nothing wrong to show some gratitude to the filipino people di ba?
Pero sa ngayon ang alam ko, ang parents ko lang pati na ang mga
parents ng mga ka-batch ko ang may karapatan sa gratitude na
sinasabi mo.And on the point that you were saying about of stealing
another child’s previlege of having UP education, well, you stand to
be corrected again, kasi look at this perspective, dahil nagtaas ng
tuition ang UP, those who were from minority groups can’t afford to
enter UP even they pass the upcat so, I think it is the fault of
those people who approve the TOFI. anyway, I can’t blame you naman
if you don’t want to be called TIBAK or you don’t care kasi I know
it’s either you’re not affected or you just don’t care of what’s
happening around you, di ba?Just simple as that lang naman eh, so
why complicate things di ba?
Besides, kaming mga affected, nasa amin na yun kung makikialam kami
at sa side ko, pinili kong makialam because involved ako sa issue eh.
At kung sinasabi mo na hindi ko kasalanan kung CAN AFFORD man ako,
of course, hindi talaga yun kasalanan no?Pero, how about those who
CAN’T AFFORD? I’m sure di mo naman sasabihin na kasalanan yun and I
am very sure na lalong hindi kasalanan kung maging concern ka sa mga
taong nasa paligid mo. Kung CAN AFFORD ang pag-uusapan, of course
can afford ako pero yung thing na bakit ako kailangang magbayad ng
malaki kung pwede namang hindi di ba? Pwede pang i-invest ng parents
ko yung money na sobra sa tuition ko SANA at tumubo pa.
So, sa mga ka-batch ko at sa mga 1st years,I challenge you na sana i-
analyze nyo nang mabuti kung ano ang role nyo sa issue na ito. At
sana kung ma-analyze nyo na, make some actions naman, hindi yung
para kayong mga tuod na nakatayo sa isang sulok na naghihintay ng
kung anong ididikta sa inyo. BE A LEADER NOT A FOLLOWER!

The opinion was badly written. The logic followed to justify the train of thought and the language used were insulting to the academic excellence that is UP’s legacy.

If this is how a UP student constructs his/her opinion, then I am inclined to believe that UP education has slumped to an abysmal level, a level used to be unimaginable.

I can accept dissenting opinion as long as it is sensible. I can forgo grammatical errors, to a certain point, as long as the thoughts are comprehensible. But I will not let pass this ingrate who said that her education is completely paid for by his/her parents.

I guess that the debate we have now is in vain if the new bloods that will comprise the student body of the University of the Philippines in the future have the character of the writer of the opinion above.

The education of this girl and all the rest of UP students are still subsidized by Filipino taxpayers regardless of their parents’ income. By completely denying the part of the Filipino taxpayers in her education, she is also severing whatever tie she has with the whole spirit of the University of the Philippines.

Ateneo or La Salle, despite the money her family amassed through the years, will not accept a student whose logic is worse than a kindergarten and whose English (or Filipino) unreflective of the exclusive school she might have come from.

A rally is not called the highest form of expression because it is not listened to: I have no idea what kind of logic she used to come up with this kind of conclusion.

I respect radical student activists because they are fighting for something they believe and understand based on their knowledge of events that unfold before them. But after reading the opinion above, which I could never comprehend which platform she stands on, I realize that there are students who believe they are fighting for some cause and believe they understand the cause, but wait until you hear them speak, wait until you read what they write and you get nothing but excreta.

The “kolehiyala” way she employed in writing her opinion, maybe a failed attempt on her part to play the role of a rich kid studying in the University of the poor, caused me to cringe; it was laughable; it was too dumb-sounding; it was insulting.

There is more pathetic than being apathetic and that’s outright stupidity.

The function of democratizing tuition is to let the poor students avail of cheap education while on the other end of the spectrum letting more privileged students to pay higher fees both receiving same quality of education, and in the case of UP, the best education in the country.

If the next leaders that this institution will come up with is of the same caliber as the writer of the opinion above, the future of the naked man, arms outstretched, offering himself to his countrymen is gloomy if not doomed.

I suggest she should stop calling herself Iskolar ng Bayan because number one she has made a blatant statement to the effect that her education was never paid for by the poor Filipino taxpayers therefore disqualifying her of such title; and number two because as far as I know UP only accepts the best; the writer, however, is completely lacking of any trace of mental acuity.


9 thoughts on “The bigger problem UP faces”

  1. Naiintindihan ko ang pakiramdam nung sumulat nung comment dahil tulad nya batch 07 din ako at ramdam ko din ang paghihirap ng mga magulang ko para mabayaran ang tuition ko at ang medyo pagiging bitter dahil kami ang naapektuhan ng TOFI (^-^ hehehe). Sa palagay ko, hindi katanggap tanggap na dahilan ang TOFI para sabihin na wala na tayong (batch 07-08 isko at iska) na magpaSALAMAT sa TAONG BAYAN

  2. it is nonsense, i agree. it is pointless, if i may add. and the voice the writer of the opinion used is that of a brat girl who thinks she knows what she is talking about and ended up proving nothing but her inherent stupidity.

  3. yes, the opinion is non-sense but it is inexcusable for iskos and iskas to have that kind of opinion. . hindi naman ganyan ang pag-educate ng UP sa atin eh.. ^_^

  4. i need not say more regarding her response to my message. thanks for saving me the time and effort to reply to such non-sense. these bratts are so naive. thanks anyway.

  5. If this is how a UP student constructs his/her opinion, then I am inclined to believe that UP education has slumped to an abysmal level, a level used to be unimaginable.

    – hasty generalization?!?!?!

  6. “A rally is not called the highest form of expression because it is not listened to: I have no idea what kind of logic she used to come up with this kind of conclusion.”
    – i just can’t believe that despite all the years you have spent studying here in our university, you still don’t understand rally? Reality check: do u think that the silent manifesto signing would still work? if it would still, then people would not be going to rallies because that simple message of the manifesto is enough to make the authorities realize the opression of the masses.
    you were lucky in your time to avail of the cheap quality education. more than just syudying, what more have you done for the country? as i’ve gone through your articles, there is one tone that significantly prevails: self-centeredness.
    The tibaks were to help. Do you think that they really wanted to bathe in the sun just for their plea to be heard? no, they don’t. they’d rather stay in the dorms, stroll to malls, or rather have their nightouts a worth. but then, they have to put it aside just to help. they are not selfish but rather selfless.
    if this society would be worst enough by the time we are ready helping the country, we would then turn out helpless, neglected because at that time, i could predict that we are then controlled still by the bulok government and society that we had. Its still bulok at the future, only its younger and worse.
    You may not go to rallies but you could be better than criticizing and “pagsinuya” to these people you call tibak/rallyist or whatever.
    I think this is sarcastic but you don’t belong here in the philippines – and all those whose beliefs are like you. You don’t care at all. Its enought that you have yourself pleasures.
    Burgis2 sa inyo. you’re trying to be the people a filipino is not supposed to be.
    as far as i know, it’s only here sa Visayas ang may complete and big boundary between what you call the red and blue. in other UP systems, i believe na there are those who also do not belive in rallies ‘but they’ve been fighting for the same reasons’. why could it not happen here? law2 gani. You are comfortable saying that for example you are not against tofi. wwhy not put yourself in our shoes? I guess its only until pretention that you would still agree for tofi. but i know, ma reklamo ka man gyapon even in a puny chance. Unless you are fully sponsored, rich aor kun mai minahan ka sang kwarta
    ahaw gani sa pagtaas sng presyo sng pagkaon nga tag piso piso ga lalain kami. kai man, tanan nga indi manami nga gkalatabu sbng, daku2 gd mangin epekto sa palaabuton.
    so imagine na lang ang decline of UP enrolees. its not just a little decline – its a DRAMMATIC decline. what could happen sa future? kaw bi tudlo ka na wla s2dyante, try mo. Its not a simple na nagtaas lang 300% subong. sa sunod pa gd b na pgtaas, anu na lang? tanan gataas, pru anginugbayad manug ubos or ubos na gd para sa iban.

  7. i reli like the boldness of your writings. i am quite familiar with your line of thought but m not very xur if we belong to the same political spectrum. anyway, let’s just say that i’m one of the people also insulted by the ignorance of some students. all i can say is keep up the excellent job. Mabuhay isko!

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