Dear Ms. Sophie

Dear Ms. Sophie,

Thank you for leaving that impassioned comment.

I was just wondering why you had to hide your identity. It’s never my style to do tirade of somebody else’s person in the event that he/she identifies him/herself early on. Let’s bare to the public who we are. This is a free country; the decision whether our respective arguments hold water lies on the readers’ comprehension of the realities they see around them. I’m speaking out loud my thoughts and I am standing by whatever I wrote and will write in the site.

You have totally taken my statement out of context when I said
“A rally is not called the highest form of expression because it is not listened to: I have no idea what kind of logic she used to come up with this kind of conclusion.”

If I may suggest, you can go back to the original article where you took that and understand how it was related to the surrounding sentences.

There is no such thing as a silent manifesto. All manifestos are stating something. Let me remind you that the trashing of the late registration fee, the trashing of the two-year dorm policy, the trashing of the four day class week were made possible not by rallies but by campaigns conducted by students: writing of petitions, writing to the administration. Needless to say they never utilized rallies.

If only you can write letters that are sensible, points well-argued, assumptions backed by research to the university administrators then you will realize that negotiating will actually do the real thing, unless of course you have other motives such as grandstanding or sorts similar to that.

What made you say the articles mirrored my being self-centered? What were the criteria you used to say they were so? If the articles reflect my stand on the issues you can do nothing about that but read them. This, if I may remind you, IS my site. Although I know that that is the case, I still tried to be fair by publishing all the comments (regardless of the agenda) en toto as well as some articles that ran counter to my own.

The cyberspace gives us more leeway to be personal about our dealings as well as the expressions of our thoughts. Now if you do not agree with what I say then you can always create your own site whose sole purpose is to counter my supposed self-centeredness.

I have already answered exhaustively some points you have raised and it will be exhausting on my part, if not redundant, to dwell on them.

Ms. Sophie, I may not be in the Philippines now but this “exile” gave me enough time to see things in my country more objectively, dispassionately. And I beg to differ when you said that people with the same beliefs as I have do not care at all. Until now I couldn’t fathom where you got that guts to say such thing. I see you as somebody who thinks that without you (or your organization) this country will go to the dogs. You become subject to the same messianic view you have been dying to eschew. Now tell me who is self-centered.

And spare me with that name calling you (and your organization) are wont to use. Do you understand what a burgis is?

Let me say this again: Nobody wants tuition increase. Who would want to pay higher than what used to be 4000 peso-a-semester? Nobody is pro tuition here. What I and the rest of the more rational student body are saying is that the increase in tuition is justified. It is justified because it has undergone studies and the results of these studies have shown that UP needs to hike its tuition or it will eventually suffer fiscal crisis. Or even without those pedantic researches you know for a fact that four thousand simply is not enough to pay for a UP education (notwithstanding it is heavily subsidized).

I am only 22 years old and I suppose you are somewhere near. We might have studied in the same university though our experiences and exposure are widely divergent. We both want change, for the better, of course. But I challenge you to propose a new solution to an old problem, a novel way of looking at things. Now if you continuously say “Rally, nothing else” then let me say to your face that this country will go nowhere but to the dogs.

Let’s just change our methodology, the standard operating procedure, let’s think out of the box for a while, maybe, just maybe, we can have change that is attainable.

Yours sincerely,

John Ryan M. Recabar

The letter above is a reply to a comment posted below made by a somebody whose pseudonym is Sophie.

sophie Says:
August 8, 2008 at 10:51 am e

“A rally is not called the highest form of expression because it is not listened to: I have no idea what kind of logic she used to come up with this kind of conclusion.”
– i just can’t believe that despite all the years you have spent studying here in our university, you still don’t understand rally? Reality check: do u think that the silent manifesto signing would still work? if it would still, then people would not be going to rallies because that simple message of the manifesto is enough to make the authorities realize the opression of the masses.
you were lucky in your time to avail of the cheap quality education. more than just syudying, what more have you done for the country? as i’ve gone through your articles, there is one tone that significantly prevails: self-centeredness.
The tibaks were to help. Do you think that they really wanted to bathe in the sun just for their plea to be heard? no, they don’t. they’d rather stay in the dorms, stroll to malls, or rather have their nightouts a worth. but then, they have to put it aside just to help. they are not selfish but rather selfless.
if this society would be worst enough by the time we are ready helping the country, we would then turn out helpless, neglected because at that time, i could predict that we are then controlled still by the bulok government and society that we had. Its still bulok at the future, only its younger and worse.
You may not go to rallies but you could be better than criticizing and “pagsinuya” to these people you call tibak/rallyist or whatever.
I think this is sarcastic but you don’t belong here in the philippines – and all those whose beliefs are like you. You don’t care at all. Its enought that you have yourself pleasures.
Burgis2 sa inyo. you’re trying to be the people a filipino is not supposed to be.
as far as i know, it’s only here sa Visayas ang may complete and big boundary between what you call the red and blue. in other UP systems, i believe na there are those who also do not belive in rallies ‘but they’ve been fighting for the same reasons’. why could it not happen here? law2 gani. You are comfortable saying that for example you are not against tofi. wwhy not put yourself in our shoes? I guess its only until pretention that you would still agree for tofi. but i know, ma reklamo ka man gyapon even in a puny chance. Unless you are fully sponsored, rich aor kun mai minahan ka sang kwarta
ahaw gani sa pagtaas sng presyo sng pagkaon nga tag piso piso ga lalain kami. kai man, tanan nga indi manami nga gkalatabu sbng, daku2 gd mangin epekto sa palaabuton.
so imagine na lang ang decline of UP enrolees. its not just a little decline – its a DRAMMATIC decline. what could happen sa future? kaw bi tudlo ka na wla s2dyante, try mo. Its not a simple na nagtaas lang 300% subong. sa sunod pa gd b na pgtaas, anu na lang? tanan gataas, pru anginugbayad manug ubos or ubos na gd para sa iban.


2 thoughts on “Dear Ms. Sophie”

  1. 1000 per unit, for education—UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ( boo!, huhuhu!, rar!, ****, what da ****!, i hachue :,(, *sob* )

    1000+ flip flops, for porma —-UNIVERSITY STUDENTS (waw!, astig!, cute! yipee!, )

    -?? i’t just a matter of prioritizing. share ko lang.

    ang tuition fee increase ay naging 300% dahil sa inflation rise. kung iisipin mo nga naman, ang 4000 per-semester na tuition noon, way way back, ay katumbas lang ng 20000 per-sem ngaun. bakit naging biglaan? noon pa kasi dapat ang tuition fee increase pero dahil sa mga ayaw ma perwisyo na older batches (sorry bitter eh ^-^) hindi siya matuloy tuloy. kaya nung term ni president roman inaprubahan nya na toh dahil kung hindi baka maging 400 o 500 % increase pa ang mangyari sa mga susunod na batchers.kung ganon, ano ang magagawa ko(b07-younger)?!apply for scholarships, demand for better STFAP bracketing, graduate on time. ang pinaka maganda ang pinakamabuti nating magagawa para malampasan ang paghihirap ng TOFI ay ang GUMARADUATE ON TIME, kasi ang pamamalagi natin sa university ay binabayaran pa rin ng taong bayan at saka we were in the university not just because we are iskolar ng bayan, tayo rin ay iskolar para sa bayan. pag nakagraduate na tayo, makakatulong tayo para sa ikauunlad ng bansa.

  2. I agree that no one is pro TOFI. there is some justice to this increase but ,in my opinion, the thing that is disturbing here is the SUDDEN increase. I think it would have been better if they gradually increased it, not just one day announcing that they want to have an increase by 300 percent.nothing we can do now but to try our bests to survive this.

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