Brodkom Batch 2003 (University of the Philippines Visayas)

UP Visayas Broadcast Communication Batch '03
UP Visayas Broadcast Communication Batch 2003

Nagapanglakaton ako kagina sang aga sang kalit nga nag-ulan. Wala ako kabalo kung diin makadto, ukon madalagan pakadto sa lugar nga kung sa diin pakadto ang madamo nga tao, nga parehos sa akon ara sa sitwasyon kung sa diin ang pinakamalapit nga pwede masilungan lang gid ang pinakamayo nga paga-kadtuan.

Sang ara na ako nagasilong sa idalom sang puno nga indi ako kabalo sang ngalan nag-agi ang grupo ka mga estudyante nga gakirinadlaw sakay sang ila nga bisekleta.

Then all of a sudden I was hit by the truth that this attempt to use Hiligaynon is getting me nowhere. It’s been more than a year since the people in the picture above graduated from college. They’re the Broadcast Communication batch 2003 of the University of the Philippines Visayas. A bunch of hopefuls who thought of conquering the world but ended up doing a more difficult task–conquering themselves. Their struggles, that range from speaking the language some of them have difficulty understanding, the next outfit to wear, where to get the money for production, their production instructor (Prof. Amy Tanoy), dealing with each other, or finishing a thesis, made them nearer to that goal of one day seeing themselves becoming the person they’ve been dreaming to become.

I become part of this batch when I shifted in my second year from my first major BS Biology. Not that it will make me describe each of them more objectively, but being somebody who was from the outside, I was surprised how these people easily accepted somebody who is not originally part of the group. I will not try to be mushy here, but I saw how we supported each other during the times when we had to face personal problems, when we felt we are not good enough, when we’re destitute, or when we felt that life was too fast we cannot anymore cope with.

Bugtot was the batch’s unofficial name; there was no consensus to adopt it. I do not know where it came from, but sometimes we know it’s us whenever we hear the word being mentioned. We have no claim to fame, or sorts like that, although some of my batch mates might disagree with this. There is something special in this batch that I could not explain. Probably because none of us felt any competition against each other, or a very stiff one, that existed. Or probably because this batch is made up of very simple, down to earth people who didn’t always bother to dress up like all other batches of BroadComm students. We’re, however, proud with the fact that we all graduated on time.

But our batch was not without a glitch; there were petty quarrels and misunderstanding, of course. Some of these were never mended even after graduation, we’re only waiting for a proper timing (timing is everything according to Prof. Tanoy) but for everything else, we left the University with grudges set aside and forgotten.

The collection of the pictures below shows the faces behind BrodKom batch ’03.

Bulak Ausente
Maria Bulaklak Ausente is currently working as a field reporter at ABS-CBN Regional Network-Iloilo.
Grace Pausa
Grace Pausa has one of the smallest waist I've seen. Very sexy and a sensible conversationalist, to add to that.
Makoy Guda
Makoy Guda is also working as a field reporter at ABS-CBN Iloilo. He will be Barotac Nuevo's next mayor.
Rhoda Corda
Rhoda Corda loves reading books and would someday study film in China (or I'm not really sure where.)
John Ryan Recabar
John Ryan Recabar, hehehe. Myself. Still finding myself under the sun.
Joyce Clavecillas
Joyce Clavecillas also works as field reporter at ABS-CBN Iloilo. She had had a chance to do national reporting. Very conscientious and I must say that she has made use of Ethics in Journalism in all her reports.
Nuevelar Bonifacio
Nuevelar Bonifacio is based in Romblon. She can drink so much without getting drunk, can be war-freak at times, hehehe.
Fonz Rojas
Fonz Rojas is the captain of her football team in Tacloban which can be reached by boat (and airplane also, I think but not really sure. Kidding). Her voice will blow you away.
Korina Tendencia
Korina Tendencia is one of the most soft-spoken girl I've met. Currently in Manila enjoying the hustle and bustle of the life of a real Makati girl.
Prince Golez
Prince Golez taught in MSU Iligan Institute of Technology for both high school and college. I've read rave responses from his former students as to the way he taught. A true-blue Iloilo City boy. He smokes a lot and loves with as much gusto.
Gretchen Kawaguchi
Gretchen Kawaguchi worked in a radio station in Manila. She has a smile that rivals that of Julia Roberts
TJay Noveros
TJay Noveros currently works for Philippine Airlines. Have had asthma attacks before but is now busy with gym during his free hours.
Florence Cabunducan
Florence Cabunducan works as a writer at GMA Iloilo.
Emie Abano
I've never really known Emie Abano that much, since she transfered school during our second year, except that I know she is deeply beloved by us because of her humility.
Cherena Cordova
Cherena Cordova. This picture says it all. Sexy. She never allowed anyone to define her person, does whatever she likes without heeding other people's opinion.
Nelly Casabuena
Nelly Casabuena. The Rakista. Kidding. A very good daughter. My first team mate in a group work as a BrodKom student.
May Soteo
May Soteo, the chairperson of the college council. I heard she metamorphosed into a different kind of woman after college. Hehehe. She has the ability to persuade people without them being consciously aware of it.
Paulyn Umipig
Paulyn Umipig has the voice of a DJ. Hehehe. Sings so well especially with her karaoke buddies Grace and Prince. Manggaranon ni! Bangkera.
Ira Ayuste
Ira Ayuste she walks in a unique way. You can ask Makoy Guda to imitate it. She gives opinion with much sense. Tunay na an Waray.
Jonnaven Cambel
Jonnaven Cambel works for Bombo Radyo Iloilo. Very passionate with her work. Palaban ni ba.
Mary June Palomo
Mary June Palomo. the last time I heard was that she's going to Malaysia to work for a cruise company. Pinakadamo work. She's been through almost all kinds of jobs. Not to mention she's also a beauty queen. Miss Pintados de Passi 2006 (I think.)
Djonna Rikka Lapus
Djonna Rikka Lapus. The brat. Hehehe. I know she'll complain about this picture I used kesyo bagong gising siya dito o di pa siya nakapaghilamos. The batch's little girl.
Julia Monteposo
Julia Monteposo donned the best make-up during our time.
Alice Ledesma
Alice Ledesma is one of the wittiest, confident, and the most beautiful girl I've met in UP.
Christler (I forgot his family name). We've been classmates for a month, after that he was nowhere to be found. Big, deep voice, I remember.
Ruperto Quitag, the Manong
Ruperto Quitag, the Manong. Siyempre! One of the reasons why we survived production classes. Ask a BrodKom student and I assure you that they know Nong Rupert.
The ISBL shirt that redefined connection. Tee shirt design by Cherhena Cordova.
The ISBL shirt that redefined connection. Tee shirt design by Cherhena Cordova.
After BC 197 class. It was followed by our last Christmas Party; the simplest because we were to busy to hold it in OWL and the corresponding preparation of food (the batch's forte)
After BC 197 class. It was followed by our last Christmas Party; the simplest because we were to busy to hold it in OWL and the corresponding preparation of food (the batch's forte).
The Tuesday group inside the production booth.
The Tuesday group inside the production booth.
Have no idea why they are lining up. Probably waiting for their adviser or just trying to look cute. Both are conclusive.
Have no idea why they are lining up. Probably waiting for their adviser or just trying to look cute. Both are conclusive.
to seduce the instructor. Hehehe.
The classic Malalison Island picture. The class was there for one reason: to seduce the instructor. Hehehe.
Slow down.
Slow down.
At the CUB waiting for the next class.
At the CUB waiting for the next class.
Next in line.
Next in line.

All of us have already moved on, living separate lives, meeting new people, wondering what the next day will bring. We’ve aged a little, gained a little bit of confidence, growing mature little by little. I do not know what’s next for each one of us, I bet this is how things should be because there’ll be no point of living if everything is preempted. No matter how hard we try to make the production perfect still one thing will go wrong, a scratched CD, a skipped console, a late talent, or just fear of failure, but that something makes the production more like life. Makes it even more exciting.

Nagpadayon ako sang akon panglakaton sang magpundo ang ulan. Padayon.


42 thoughts on “Brodkom Batch 2003 (University of the Philippines Visayas)”

  1. Let’s all attend the BC reunion on the third weekend of January. The program and venue are already sent to your respective Facebook accounts.

    See you.

  2. hi fev,
    baw ilisi man da bi pics ko, heheheh…kalaw-ay tulukon ah…damo gid lang ko pics pro, nga-a amo gid na ya ginbutang mo man? thank you.

  3. hahaha. i will add you. as regards the picture, hahaah, wala na islanay.

    pati ah. sige, taga-i ko mas nami nga picture.

    see you around.

  4. Ei Feb! My heart’s aching not to be included in so many moments mentioned here … btw, can i send u another picture? Heheh!

    This page makes me miss you all!

  5. guys..!

    july 21-25 – celebration of 62nd anniversary of UP presence in Iloilo

    july 25 (saturday) – homecoming celebration

    7:30 am – mass (little theather)

    breakfast – may sponsor daw hehe para sa tanan nga gutom

    motorcade around the city

    open house (HS dept)

    open house (CM)

    election (UPAA) 7-30am – 2:30pm (automated man daw echos!)

    bingo socials

    6:00 pm alumni dinner (audi – P400 ticket) – reservation is available
    attire: casual
    with live band (retro)

  6. Hi prince. yes. ay oo gle, you’re not the news editor. how is it going there in iloilo? i’ll be updating this post soon. Might as well make a yearly update of our batch. hehehe. if you’re bored in iloilo, manila’s waiting… but i have to warn you, you have to improve your tagalog. kidding. see you soon.

  7. daw kasadya gale diri. subng ko lng nabasa liwat ang mga comments. damo damo gle no. anyway, fev, hndi ako news editor ng panay news, but section editor (lifestyle, youth and campus and business) meaning, EDITOR in CHIEF . hahaha.. pati na ah. anyway, im still stuck in panay. dnt know what could better me. Tired of the work, but loving it at the same time.

  8. fev.. ahay ah, kadugay na simo diri sa manila wala gid ta naka meet..
    reunion lang ta ya pag may time ah.. halong lang da kamo tanan.. hehe..
    yota ari ko subong sa roxas pero sa tanan tanan nga classmates ta si grace lang gid ya nakita ko… ka anfur gid ya ah.. next year planuhon ta na gid ni ya.. 🙂 see you soon guys! mwahugz.

  9. hay fev.. ako guro pinakalate nagview sang ginsulat mo.. or, basi si nelly? hehehe update lang ah, nelly just resigned sa convergys, will look for a new job in makati… ako, will try my best to stay sa work hehehe, will give you more details ah.. siguro this is the perfect nga collection and recollection of memories naton. thank you gid. reminds me of all the things our batch had.. touched gid ko ya as in.. mwhaaaa!!! tani maka-meet na gid man ta tanan nga bugtot batch ya as in!!! hidlaw hidlaw na gid ko…

  10. hoy hoy fev never gid ha? hahaha buang ka imu ya.ibase mo na lang sa gut-feel…happy new year man sa tanan! by the way gin-share ko man sa iban ang new year’s message ya (hehe, so wat?). gustuhon ko man nga ishare sa tanan, wala k sang number sang iban sa inyo.

  11. Aba si Bombo Jonnaven ubrahon niya pa ako nga manugpakot. Hahaha! Pati ah. If mahkitaay kami ni sir Ebay, i’ll ask him about that.

    Happy New Year to all of us.

  12. Fev may ara suggestion si bombo jonnaven nga mahimu ka daw sang predictions para sa amun tanan. Special mention kay jonnaven nga dapat madayunay sila ni GR sa ulihi. hhehhe More ang textanay nila nga duha… hmmm jonnaven ikaw ha?

  13. What? Why are you talking about my underwear? Mga walang hiya! haha.. I actually don’t have one. haha.. Pabay-e niyo lang da bala ang pic ko.. Sexy naman eh.. Sagad guid ya si Fev magpili. Ahay.. Amishu guys. Hoy! Sa mga ga-reply kung mag text ko, duwa lang na. You’ve changed your number without informing me or you simply don’t have any load. I don’t want to include the option that you just don’t want to reply because it will break my heart. Char lang! Nice to hear from you guys. Ü Good work Fev.

  14. fev…nakakamiz 2loy up life…ahai ah…

    –oi jonaven,maganda maging tambay,heheheh
    ——tnx nga pla sa info bombo naven, w/p u dko mabibisita 2ng gnawa ni fev manderico…hehehe
    —ano ung underwear ni grace?>nakakintriga.hehehe…peace grace…mwahhh

    —c chuchay, seryuso na sa buhay, may boylet na daw…
    —zenxa na kau, once in a blue moon lng me makaopen frsnter, malu sa kbhasnan eh,,,heheh

    —i miz u guys..
    –fonz, samahan u namn me mag UC
    –ira,inum naman tau…gin lang…
    —tj, d sama fafa pa din,,joke…i miz u taj..
    —buti nlang nagkita tau sa Up nung july, c jonaven kc bz pasabog BOMBO RADYO…
    –pao? asan kna?miz u po…
    —joyce, i heard ur voice sa nat’l television nung minsan di pa nacra TV namin…ngaun dko na naririnig,la na kc TV sa bahay…static dun..
    –putch! walanghiuya! ang pogi mo! nakita kta sa TV hehehe…ganun kapa rin pla..matangkad pa din ako…peace…lve yha…
    –may? banker na dba? pautang naman…
    –dj…znxa d na kta nttxt, wla kc pangload e.heheh
    –toto! sbi mo hanapan u me fafa jan…i’m watng po…hehehe..
    —ate julia,pano gni magbutang eyeliner?butangi gani ko te..hehe
    —te florence, sulati man ako ay..heehe
    —nels…tnx sa kowts u..pede nxtym load namn ipasa u?heheh…miz yha poh…
    —korz,kailan fiesta nyo nga? may ara pa ltchfln?namit mo!hehehe
    —rodz…may kape kpa da? pahinge nmn la akng pmbili eh..hehe
    —bulak..huhuhu…miz u po..remember ur voice..kakamiz…
    —emz, paramdam ka naman…kakamiz ka iHUg eh..heheh
    —cristler?kadalom sang boses…daw tamawo sa lugta…joke…peace…
    –prince…pwede pahiram lighter?penge naman isang stick lang…
    —che…phiram namn sling bag u,,,hehehe..

    fev…ty sa gnawa u…greatly appreciated gid po ya…miz yha all guys…znza na nilahat ko na to bka kc nxt month pa uli me kafrnster ehe…hehehe ty guys…tnx 4 d memories…mwahhh…mwahhh…mwahhh….
    —kung may nalimutan ako…znxa lang ha…tumatanda na kc ako…joke…

    cg po!

  15. c chuchay prep teacher na sa manila…at may boylet na! c 9b not sure f may job na ulit…basta dati xang dj sa romblon kag nagwork man sa pawnshop…then tak-an kuno obra, nagbakasyon grande sa bahay nila.

  16. hahaha. i just grabbed your pic from friendster. hehehe. pero pwede ko man na maislan, that is kung ma-email mo sa akon ang pic mo. i miss you so much. see you soon.

  17. ay sayang may pic aq sa malalison island nga mas bagay 2 xa tani sa caption hehe…ginpakita ko ni sa mga upod k sa station. naintriga sila sa underwear mo grace hahaha!

  18. Aba jonnaven. Kadlaw ka gid haw? Hehehe. I miss you so much. I wish you all the best in your career. Be a responsible journalist.

  19. as in gakadlaw ko bisan aq lang isa di sa newsroom hahaha.gin set aside k gid work k just to finish reading…but mas nakakatawa aq ky kon wala kami magkitaay ni fonz and joyce la ko idea bwt dis hahaha!!!

  20. oo na ira. hehehe. yan yong photo mo na kasama mo si nong rupert sa isbl. i miss you. ingat ka lagi.

    see you soon.

  21. liwatan ko lang comment ko damu typographical error. Thanks for the thorough backgrounders for all bugtot pips, indi lang siguro ako ang nakaappreciate tanan gid kami.. hehehe to give you more details, DJ is now working as marketing asst for SM City Iloilo Storyland. Christler’s last name is Calizo. Ira and Fonz are both in call centers (I forgot the names). Nelly moved to bacolod city to be part of Covergy’s I think. may soteo resigned from the call center job and worked as assistant to the gen manager of Pepsi plant basec in Cebu… Well I guess majoruity of us are still single… heheheheDont tell me may mga girlalush naman dira nga nabighani sa exotic look. heheheh

  22. Thanks for the great and unexpected compliment… hehehe…Thank you for creating such a thourugh backgrounders for all the bugtot pioz. indi lang ciguro ako naka appreciate for sure.. musta ka na? san-o ka di mabalik? hidlaw man ko sa shokoy nga classmate ba!

  23. love ya too fonz.


    i miss you so much. thank for taking time to visit and read the post.

    i couldn’t find a good photo in your friendster. hehehe. i would’ve wanted to post a picture where you’re semi-calvo, that would be the most appropriate, but to no avail.

    i wish you all the best.

    see you soon.

  24. the site is wonderful . makes me miss school and you guys so bad. i do miss everyone so much. but you could have chose a better pic for me. and just to correct, i’m not the captain of our team, i’m the muse.joke.hehehe.

    thanks for this fev. greatly appreciated.

    i have a song that my favorite friend shared with me that i would like to share with our batch as well if only i would know how i cul post it hehehehe.

    miss you fev. love yah

  25. hi fev, subong ko lang ya nabasa.. hehe.. delayed reaction ako.. notice ko lang, sa tanan nga pix daw ako ang la bayo? hehehe.. Thanks for the effort. Tani makabalik ka na di. Gusto ko man gani magbalik sa Iloilo. hay..

  26. fev! wah. yun lang mabigay mong comment saken? ewan ko nga din sa self ko…am still stuck sa crossroads ng buhay ko. di ko na alam kong san ako papunta. but one thing’s for sure…am definitely going back to singapore before i die….ahahaha. and am still in an international school. salamat sa paggawa ng page na’to. brings back all the good memories to keep us all sane. haha

  27. tj.. musta naman ang buhay mo sa PAL? did u enjoy your training? Was it cebu?

    itext mo na ang mga tga Peryatika, Shokatika, Lupatika, Boomtaratika… atbp., for our reunion.

    masaya ito. fev, puli na di!

  28. fev!!! ang galing muh pare! musta na? ope 2 c u soon fev! mizhu.

    d pa nagrereunion ang mga bugtot ng kumpleto!

    mABuhay ang perytika! whahahahaha

  29. Fev, you have to post this on your bulletin board. OUr classmates have to see this. This is something that they’ll be proud of. I miss our Bugtotan.

    When’s the next reunion? Fev, can’t wait to see you again.

  30. marami na nagbago…pero one thing remained constant…wala pa rin akong boyfriend!!!huhuhu…

    seriously fev, good thing you created this…kasi di ko na alam nangyari sa classmates natin after grad…

    thanks fev for the effort…

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