Determinism being out of place

Determinists believe that all ostensible acts of the will are actually the result of the causes that determine them thereby demolishing whatever role choice has in the process.

Determinism has a wide array of philosophical possiblities. In classical literature, fate and necessity determine how characters act and think.

For Calvinist writers or those with Christian leanings, it is the predestined will of God.

In literature produced by naturalistic writers, it is the scientific and natural laws that govern the universe; diversions from these laws result to absurdities that can have either humorous or macabre or a combination of both qualities.

In Marxist writings, it may be the inevitable operation of the economic forces and the resulting disparities due to differences in income or access to wealth.

Looking at the events using the orthodox Freudian perspective, all the intricacies of daily life, even the seemingly negligible task of holding a long ball point pen or simple matters such as slip of the tongue can be traceable to latent psychic mechanisms; these seemingly random daily actions may not be as random as we think they are.

In the examples pointed above, determinism plays a strong role in stripping the individual of the ability to effect his freewill over his environment and his life. We, in one time or another, associate so much of the things that happen to us to these phenomena. We refuse to accept the fact that our poverty, ignorance, ‘misfortunes’, lack of faith, libido are a result of our past actions and freewill and not only by external factors that are beyond our grasp.

True enough, the environment plays a significant role in determining our lives, but like the heroes in classical literature, we can always outsmart Fate. We can always just believe in God but act on our own to materialize our yearnings. We can always defy gravity and go to the moon. We can always leave work and let the economy stagnate if it means a ‘de-stagnation’ of our lives. We can always transcend beyond our carnal desires, dodge the need to fill with phallus or phalluses whatever void we have.

We always have a choice. Let’s make determinism out of place in our lifetime.


2 thoughts on “Determinism being out of place”

  1. Determinism takes away whatever control we have with our life. I makes us feel helpless and hopeless about our inability to alter what we believe is permanent and static. The choice is always ours.

  2. Yes, we always have a choice but there something that intervenes us as we make those choices. Call it God, Karma, or whoever it is that giudes our destiny… The choice is not always ours.

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