Why sadness?

I wrote this post about sadness (Oh sadness!) around two months ago.  Here I talked about the house where I am staying in right now and the emptiness I felt staying alone in a country where I barely know anybody and  the relevance of the solitude I chose.

It never occured to me that two months after posting it’ll be read over and over again by people from different parts of the world. Right now, it is my most read post.

So why sadness?

Solitude is not sadness, that’s according to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, true enough. But solitude is an element of sadness. After choosing to live a solitary life for the next few months then I shall sleep with sadness every night, eat breakfast with it, and ride my bike to school with sadness riding on my back.

I’m trying to get over it, but never completely. For without it the other end of the pole, the thing they call happiness, is going to be a meaningless emotion.


2 thoughts on “Why sadness?”

  1. He’s a Latin American (Columbian) Nobel Prize winner during the 80s who popularized magic realism. He wrote One Hundred Years of Solitude.

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