Changing WordPress theme

Ever since I starting blogging around four months ago, after I decided to write what are inside my mind rather than let them totally consume me, I’ve changed theme for so many times. Although I thought of sticking with my current them – Black Letter Head, which I liked the most because of its minimalistic layout, still I seem not satisfied. I experimented in utilizing The Journalist theme because of its even simpler, uncluttered layout but it’ll never work for me, I think.

In newspaper design, that is the mainstream medium for news reporting where in you have to read printed words on a sheet of news print, in case you are not anymore familiar with this medium, a black background strains the eyes, but I surmise that as far as computer screens are concerned black is better than white since it eliminates excess glare and it does not hurt the eyes after a long time of reading. However, when we look at it, blog readers jump from one site to another because of the nature of web surfing: too fast, too furious. Black themes just look good to me, that is.

Another concern that I have is the header. I also constantly change header that suits to my current emotional, mental state. The more I am emotionally battered and mentally stressed the more my readers will see changes in the header – sometimes as often as ten times a day. However, the solitary man in the desert is working for me these times when I am rather at terms with my environment and the people around me. The Journalist theme, regretfully, doesn’t have an option for me to change the header anytime I want. That is already one disadvantage of this clean design. Too clean in fact.


3 thoughts on “Changing WordPress theme”

  1. I also wish the Journalist theme had more options. I am currently using the Chateau Theme with a black background. It works very well with photographs but still not the journalist appearance I prefer.

  2. I would also change my theme on most occasions. I try to make it appear sleek and simple as much possible. I prefer the black background since a I believe that a blog does not have to look like a paper. If one opts for a brighter background, it will just strain the eyes of your reader.

    I don’t think your blog look clean. It’s quite heavy in the eye. Just an honest opinion. LOL. But I love the header. Well, more than just the theme; it’s the posts that count. 🙂

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