Fascination with water vapor

I was fascinated last week when my body gave off steam after taking a bath. The last time I experienced this was a decade ago in my hometown where a bath at around five in the morning outside the house would of course shrink a part of my body that is susceptible to shrinking during cold weather and the release of steam from my body and the equally fascinating sight of steam coming off from my mouth. My other siblings would then start to have a competition of who could make it appear as if we were smoking our father’s cigarette most realistically using the water vapor we gave off. I already forgot who always won.  Good thing none of us succumbed to addiction to nicotine, although I smoke occasionally but not in an alarming pace as that of our father, yet.

I like it when it’s cool. I don’t sweat a lot and it’s not uncomfortable because humidity is low. I’ve been looking forward to experience winter here in Vietnam. However, I am yet to buy thicker blankets and some winter clothes. Winter here usually starts around November, but due to atmospheric disturbances, they forecast it to commence in early December. Last year, they experienced the longest winter as well as the coldest, just like Hanoi had its biggest rain and flood in three decades a week ago. So I am not taking chances. I’m buying a lot of ascorbic acid and medicine for the approaching winter, and did I mention clothes.

I’m not used to using hot water whenever I take a bath. Right now, there’s no need yet for hot water, so I am enjoying the cool water every time I take a shower. It makes me start my day well and awakens my sleepy spirit. I feel I am a child again every time cool water tingles my skin. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but shout some expletives that come pouring with the sprinkle.

I laugh whenever I think of these shallow things that I rediscover about my self. Probably they are just reminding me to take things slowly and appreciate simple pleasures that I fail to notice every time I force my self to think like an adult.

I can’t wait for winter.


3 thoughts on “Fascination with water vapor”

  1. it is really amazing how little things like this make us wish to go back to the memory lanes of our innocent childhood… reminiscing mode, ayuz. 😀

  2. hello again!!! I know I promised to write some articles in english, but it is much easier to express myself in romanian. 😛 Thanks for stopping by to say hy. :))))
    And as for hot water and taking showers… :))) I enjoy hot water any way I can, and simply ador to sit in the bath tub and dream while being surrounded with hot steamy clouds… it is just so poetic… and even though my bath is small, the steam makes it endlessly huge, and I feel like Alladin and his ginie, or like some arabian princess in her luxurious bath… it is like a meditation… that is my best way of recovering from a hard day…

    i can’t wait for winter either, because of all the wonderful emotions it brings back …. in my country I don’t think it is going to snow this winter, but who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky…

    bye!!bye!! 😛 :)))))

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