Manny Pacquiao and the Filipinos’ sense of a nation


I’ve watched the fight through a rerun made by Yahoo.  After watching the 2-minute summary of fight that was dubbed as the “Fight of the Year” I was at awe.  Manny Pacquiao won it in an almost surgical fashion, like a professional surgeon doing the incision on a sedate patient’s throat in a calm manner–punches that seemed to be instinctual but at the same time a result of years of experience as a professional pugilist.

Seeing Manny’s performance, who won’t be proud to be a Filipino?

The boxing event that prematurely ended in the eight round was a spectacle that will forever remain etched in the memories of Filipinos glued on their television screens despite the advertisements that ran longer than the main event itself. Nevertheless, Filipinos are a patient nation, so they waited, shouted, cheered as their hero from General Santos City exchanged punches with the Golden Boy.

De La Hoya, suffered irreversible injuries from the battering thrown by the Filipino champion in the third round that foreshadowed the grim conclusion for the Mexican. De La Hoya fell, the Filipinos all over the archipelago rejoiced.

This win will at least unify my country for a matter of three days. After which things will go back to how they usually are: disunity, discontent, people getting impatient with a government that has remained insensitive and acting blind to the plight of the Filipinos.

Manny will occupy half of the primetime news slot for three days or probably a week. The scene will be played and replayed until the viewers get fed up.

Politicians will flock around him, basking in the glory of the Champion boxer, in an attempt to take advantage of the media exposure, after all Philippine elections is not too far away.

Resident of General Santos, as in last year, will mob the gates of Pacquiao’s residence in General Santos City for the money the boxer will give away. Balato, an all Filipino concept of “redistributing” wealth or good fortune, will again be at play. Of course, the prize will add to the boxer’s financial coffer. It won’t be bad to share a little.


The Filipino sense of a nation is grounded on nothing but personalities, such as Manny Pacquiao, but this is better than nothing. At least for days, the sense of euphoria of Manny’s win will postpone political bickering, cause the economy to surge for a few points, rest the administration’s call to change the constitution.

If only a fight of this magnitude is staged everyday just so Filipinos realize that they are one nation. If only we can produce many Manny Pacquiaos who will let their faces be sacked, punched, made atrocious just so the Filipinos will realize that they are worth fighting for.
I can’t wait for the next fight.

Theorizing on love

“He fooled me, and I fooled him. He did me and I did him.”

It’s funny how we all arrive to this conclusion after years of being in a blissful union concretized by what we all dying to have but, paradoxically, in effect the eventual cause of our death, something we call love-and love it is.

Literature’s best sonnets, most compelling novels, most dramatic epics were nothing but platforms for expressing this universal truth we all accept as the only truth worth believing in, others are debatable. However, it’s also the least understood. Only somebody cloaked with its spell, made drunk by its spirit can fully comprehend what it is, but after being freed from the spell, having gained sobriety, their opinions about love would have drastically changed, altered that they way they think about this concept that escapes definition will be far too detached from how we believe it is. We do not believe them; we don’t care to consider what they have gone through until we reached a point when our very own lives are cursed or drowned by love.

Theories about how we fall in love abound. Each of the social sciences has its own rendition of the song that befits the story of how we fall in love, sustained it for some, or ended in vain for most. Even the hard sciences have their own stories to tell.

I have this hypothesis which I will put to test one of these days: That love is bullshit. We fall with the other person but this love is not consummated unless the union benefits us in whatever way possible. It can be just sex, companionship, good conversation, but whatever it is, it is what is more significant than the abstraction that is love.

My thoughts may appear meandering to nowhere now, something that I may attribute to love. I will not deny that somewhere in the past it has caused me a lot of inconveniences and discomfort which I have overcome, nevertheless.