My Christmas, aside, of course, from washing my dirty clothes


Merry Christmas.

We may be away from our loved ones in this special day, but somewhere, somehow, people will come to make the longing less difficult.


3 thoughts on “My Christmas, aside, of course, from washing my dirty clothes”

  1. Dec. 25, 2am. Finishing the second half of my research proposal. 8 hours later, I’ll be in Dingle for a social project, and won’t see my family until the 30th. I hear you, John. – Art Dodge
    P.S. Looking forward to the one blog posting that says you will drop by Iloilo…
    Ne timeas John, et noli tardare! You can, pare.

  2. we undergo such situation from time to time. last year i remember that i spent my christmas in the hospital. my first christmas to be away from home ( actually our house is just 2km away from the hospital where i had my volunteer work). i took some pics with my colleagues just to divert my attention of being sentimental. sigh… shallow as it may seem but in that small detail it was really a big deal. i guess it paid off while im saving the life of the baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. i have been ambubagging for the whole shift and its christmas. sigh too bad that small angel passed away. we have our own version of sentimental christmases and its the way on how we view it.

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