When writing becomes exhausting


Writing is a thought process. In fact the entire task of writing occurs not on a piece of paper or a monitor of a computer but in the mind. The act of writing is only a manifestation of the synthesis of thoughts inside the human mind, a reflection of what has been a painful activity of thinking and extracting sense from experiences or some universals nature wired in us. This explains why I would rather exhaust my body physically by lifting weights in a gym than to think what to write next in the newspaper I am working for, application essays, or posts in this blog.

Writing is feeding my inner demons and thinking that by doing so I am alleviating the mental torture  they cause inside me. It’s a desperate attempt to annihilate them all by writing them down, purging myself of the thoughts I never want to occur but who push themselves on me. They have lives  of their own that exist inside me.

There were days when I had given up on writing, days when I felt nothing but exhaustion from the entire thought process, but then again I could not help my self but to give in to their incessant prodding to be expressed in no other form but writing.

I am wont to believe that writers are the most miserable people in the world. They are the most bitter, hardened, numbest group of people. This is a result of being consumed by the act of giving life to thoughts are meant to have been left dead. Writers are the weakest people; they are most of the time unable to resist their dark sides. They profess to be objective, scientific, logical, but whatever comes out of their pen are nothing but contaminated specks of an equally hideous entity they call idea.

I confess that writing exhausts me these days. Probably I just need some rest from this despicable chore of saying almost the same thing over and over again. I might not write anything in the next few days just to have some respite, to allow me to think without having to write them (think of ultimate contradiction).

Or probably I will attempt on doing something next to impossible – shut off all thoughts.


5 thoughts on “When writing becomes exhausting”

  1. Thank you because writing has become less difficult for me now. Although it is still as bloody, but I am starting to ignore the pain and go one with it, eyes closed.

  2. Writing is both an art and an acquired skill.

    It is an art because you need PASSION to pursue it. It is a skill because you need DISCIPLINE to get the hang of writing everyday. 😉

  3. one of the greatest blogs i’ve ever encounetered….good work …keep it up..and yes…writers are the numbest of people who definitely give life to thoughts that should be buried…thats so true…but i think being a writer is a very good thing…i am surving today because by writing i am alive…i dont earn money wid it..i just learn to handle my everyday life by writing down…anything and everything….solid proof of the thoughts in my head…being a writer is good and exhausting too…in a nice way

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