A dedication


Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

“Your writings are angst-ridden.”

“I always sense sadness in your paragraphs.”

I am not consciously trying to make everything that I write sound hopeful much less happy, neither am I inclined to flood them with sadness. I’m only writing my truths.

For most of the time, a writer dedicates something to somebody he think helps him feel inspired, allows him to see the beauty in the world and write about this, helping other people see what the writer sees. I am like Diego Rivera marrying my muse Frida Kahlo. In the end it was Frida who became greater than the artist himself. In the end that person is even greater than the writer.

I am dedicating this song to the somebody who has always stood by me, who never gave up despite the little time we spent together, who continuously dreams with me. I am counting the remaining days of my stay here, nineteen, twenty days, it does not matter for we’ll see each other again.

I regretted leaving you that day without a hug or a kiss. Now it’s going to be different. We will be oblivious of the world. I’ll hug you as tight as I can and kiss you as passionately as I can muster just to let you know I love you.


4 thoughts on “A dedication”

  1. an artist is always in search and in need of that so-called inspiration… and so is every human being in search and in need of love—

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