The heat is on in Saigon

After a grueling thirty-hour train ride, I finally arrived in Saigon. I was shocked to find out that the hotel my friend recommended to me was full (probably because today is Valentine’s day) so I was sent scurrying to find another hotel. Good thing was that the hotel beside that has one spare room. Hungry and fatigued, I was left with no choice. So I left my passport with the girl in the reception (not at all a concierge) and was shocked to find out that the hotel has no elevator. My room by the way is located on the 6th floor.

With my 25-kilo baggage, laptop bag, and an extra luggage, I climbed my way to the 6th floor and collapsed on my bed right after I reached my poorly ventilated room. I then changed clothes and went outside to find food. I called my friend Chi Le that I arrived safely. Then my mom, with some pride in my voice, told her that his son has reached Saigon, all by himself. I tried to look for pho stands but opted to be less experimental and settled for KFC instead.

I have no plan yet for my two-day stay here; I’ll probably think about what to do later tonight after I finished writing my account of the train ride which I will be posting tomorrow. For now, I feel contented having reached this other great Vietnamese city.


The taxi driver who took me from the train station to my hotel asked me in a very odd Vietnamese accent as to which do I think is more beautiful Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh City. I said, Anh chua noi vi bay gio dem, anh co the noi ngay mai neu Ha Noi dep hon. Tuy nien, suy nghi Ha Noi dep qua. (I can’t tell yet if Hanoi is more beautiful because it’s dark. However, I think Hanoi is very beautiful.

I wrote the first draft of this post using a free internet provided by Highland’s Cafe which of course required me to order an iced cappuccino for 47000 dong. Then I went back to my hotel, took a bath and changed clothes. I have to access a 24-hour internet shop since the woman in my hotel told me that the wi-fi connection is available only in from 9am until 7 in the evening. And since I can’t wait to write my first post here in Saigon, I have to make do with this hot place that offers me the most convenient connection to the world.

Tomorrow, to answer the taxi driver’s question, without any bias and with utmost objectivity, I shall try to compare and contrast these two great cities of Vietnam.

Tomorrow, the heat is going to be on in Saigon.


One thought on “The heat is on in Saigon”

  1. My friends and I are planning a trip to Vietnam..but we don’t have specifics yet, hope you could help.I have been hooked reading your Vietnam stories, and I got interested. We’re really looking forward on this trip cause its our last summer vacation in med school..Email me soon, Maraming Salamat!

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