An ‘itch’ to murder

The urge to murder has never been this strong. I was walking my way at around 12 noon to have my first meal of the day when I felt this sudden craving to see blood gushing off a butchered head of the first person I feel the fancy of killing.

I woke up late after downing seven bottles of beer last night without any sign of hangover. I may not be a heavy drinker but my tolerance for alcohol is pretty high. My room is in a mess and waking up with empty beer cans surrounding me (from the previous day) added more to the helluva of mess. I didn’t seem to know where to start so I just took a quick bath, wear something decent and went out to find food.

If my life continues like this then it won’t be long before I actualize this seething itch in me (calling it an ‘itch’ seems to lighten the effect). The view outside my hotel in Bui Vien in the District One of Ho Chi Minh City starts to get consuming. I see the same faces of tanned tourists who feel entitled to this grand vacation, tourists who inquire about a trip to the Mekong Delta, Siem Reap in Cambodia, or the Cu Chi Tunnels, tourists who drink their heart out in a pub that opens 24 hours a day right next to where I stay.

For a Southeast Asian like me, it’s difficult to distinguish one Caucasian tourist from the other. They all seem to look like a mass of monotonous white to pinkish flesh attempting to look as Asian as possible by wearing stupid-looking colorful garb, and some wearing non, a traditional Vietnamese head cover, with a horrendous result.

Dehumanizing a group of people is a good ingredient for genocide. No. I have no hatred towards Caucasians.


Nonetheless, I am itching to slaughter somebody this time only to spite myself. And the white mass of people surrounding tempts me to commence an onslaught of carnage.

Of course I am kidding. God, why am I entertaining these thoughts?


9 thoughts on “An ‘itch’ to murder”

  1. Le,

    Toi khong da lam nhu the trong Ha Noi. Toi hy vong Le khong noi Co Doanh. Hehehe. Toi nghi toi quen Tieng Viet roi. Huhuhu.

  2. hahaha!
    you’re just as normal as anyone can be!
    fret not.

    but 7 beers—
    be careful.
    i say that i must agree with kongleong-
    intoxication may not only result to a harmless masturbatory writings—
    maybe even more. . .

  3. Hi, John. We always have this kind of itch or sudden thought but our culture plus our tricky mind manage to suppress well of this unwanted behavior. I use the word ‘suppress’ because the itch will just remain hibernate and never completely removed from our inner self. Hey John seven bottles of beer might be enough to trick our mind to off guard ourselves.

  4. nothing like feeling of superiority or some sort. nothing close to Raskolnikov’s.

    you were right though, masturbatory writing, i call it.

  5. Possibly the effect of Dostoevsky? Your own version of ‘Raskolnikov and his theory on superiority’?

    Nice post. I hope nobody reacts ‘inappropriately’ on this one. They should understand that this is just a form of ‘mental masturbation’ – or something like that. lol.

    7 cans is a lot dude… Our ‘local horse’ could kick me unconscious by the time I finish the 5th can.

  6. I don’t think a Caucasian can’t be distinguished from another. Its the Mongoloids who cannot be separated from each other without proper
    observation. I am south-asian and still wondering…

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