The last post written in Vietnam

This is my last post while I’m in Vietnam. I’m now at Tan Son Nhat International Terminal (Saigon International Airport) waiting for my 1am flight to Manila. For some reasons I am not feeling anything special now after having to deal with a very ordinary predicament of an excess baggage. I was overweight by 9 kilos which means paying 90 USD;  that would be too much for a poor man like me. So I had to maneuver my luggage enabling it to be just within 15 kilos allowable baggage weight. After the ordeal, all romantic feeling that I had before leaving Vietnam vanished and was replaced with sweat, fatigue, and an extra weight I have to carry with me as hand luggage. And I forgot to mention the 3USD coffee that almost caused my eyeballs to fall off my eye socket.


But seriously, Vietnam shall remain a very special place to me, especially Hanoi, for it allowed me to value things I used to ignore: national pride, history, friends, myself. The nine months gave me enough time for self reflection which I would otherwise not experience had I refused to accept this opportunity. I became more aware of my vulnerability, but then again all is not lost because I met people who shall remain my friends until in my thirties, forties and beyond.

Career-wise, a lot of people questioned the cleverness of this decision, even myself sometimes. But looking back, I know it’s one of the wisest things I’ve done.

Vietnam also resulted to the creation of this blog. Writing the posts in this blog forced me to write almost daily, something I never considered as a chore but a responsibility to few readers who keep on coming back and making me feel that indeed there are souls interested to read some thoughts of a twenty-something.

The life I’ll have awaiting for me may be scary at first glance, but it means a new territory to conquer, and more importantly, new experiences to write about.

Manila, I’m coming.


7 thoughts on “The last post written in Vietnam”

  1. Oh, again with the over weigh…
    I read through all the posts, John.

    But, wanna receive sth like email fr you. More private, hehe.

  2. Hi John, at last you are back to your country, kingdom of thousand islands. Do you think you need to change the role now, from a student to may be a bread earner?

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