A transcript of a random conversation in Roxas Boulevard


Napanood ko na ‘to ah.

Oh yeah? Are you making fun of our situation?

No, not at all. But can we at least try to be more imaginative?

What do you mean?

(Laughs.) Like this, having a walk here at Roxas Boulevard. Natatawa ako. Parang sa pelikula lang.

‘Tang ina, ano ba gusto mo?

Let’s buy something to eat.

Bili tayo ng bibingka at puto bumbong malapit sa Arisocrat.

Okay ba don?

Di subukan natin.

Shocks. This is unbelievable, why are they too expensive?

Masarap naman ah. Bili ka ng tubig.

* * * *

Do we have to stay here until sunrise? Baka mamaya somebody will just appear and stab us. Scary.

Gusto mo subuan kita?

No way.

Ang arte mo.

Because we’re in this place. You expect me to do funny things here?

Nasisilaw ka ba? Gusto mo palit tayo ng position?

Yeah. Sige.

Ang liwanag nga pala talaga dito. Lipat tayo.

Palagi ka ba rito?

The last time I was here was already a long time ago. Di ko na maalala.

But I noticed, ang dami mong alam na places here.

Oo naman.

The images I have of Roxas Boulevard were taken from old Tagalog movies I watched. Kaya nga it feels odd being here. It feels like being in a movie set.


Oh, are you laughing at me?

May iba pa ba. Kumikislap ang mga mata mo.

Come on, cinnamon.

Oo, paborito ko ang cinnamon.

But seriously. Lakad lakad kaya tayo. Let’s take advantage of this moment, although I feel that I wouldn’t anymore be able to stand this feeling. Parang sa pelikula ni Sharon.

Loko ka talaga. Gusto mo lakarin natin papuntang breakwater near Sofitel.


16 thoughts on “A transcript of a random conversation in Roxas Boulevard”

  1. probably a person’s experience is the best teacher. the writer just cant imagine the things the wrote unless he had experienced it. very nostaligic.good for him he dated romantically seeing the beautiful bay. someone tried to invite me to stroll along the boulevard today but an unexpected situation occured so its better to head home and rest.

  2. hi john!
    sorry, for not being able to keep in touch this past weeks.
    two successive deaths of my relatives have occured this past 3 weeks.
    anyway, i’m so glad that you are back and i’ve been wanting to meet you in person.
    happy to hear about your stay here in manila and the interviews you’ve gone through.
    my best of luck for you!

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