While waiting for my turn to be interviewed

While waiting for my interview, I decided to write this post in my blog to document what I feel this time, this raw emotion. This is my second job interview so far since arriving exactly a week ago. Finding job is not at all easy this time when the economy of the world is not doing well, and especially for somebody like me who has literally no experience in the corporate world to speak of.


At one point I asked myself why I am giving up, for now, a very exciting job in the academe in favor of the equally challenging, but I’m-an-alien-of, corporate world. I smiled when the closest reason I can give right at this moment is the nice feeling brought about by me wearing a nice shirt, a smart pair of pants, a conservative necktie, and a pair shiny black leather shoes. Staring at my reflection in the mirror in the restroom, I can’t help but marvel at the corporate version of myself, a sharp contrast with the John who used to teach Literature and Journalism in the university, who wore jeans, canvas shoes, and a white shirt in his lectures.

I’ll consider this job as a major point in my life, my first ever entrance to the supposed dog-eats-dog corporate world in Manila.

I feel like a child again. Everything seems new to me. I try to breathe in the air of this bustling metropolis everyday I ride public transport to work. In spite of pollution, Manila is a breath of fresh air (this is not at all sarcastic). I’m always exhausted whenever I reach my place in Espana but there’s this feeling of vigor in me that my laid-back life in the province cannot provide. I feel like being infected by the endless energy of this city.

I feel like a child again, wearing his first school uniform on his way to his first day of class in kindergarten, minus of course the mother holding his shaky hand. After all, I was not accompanied by my mother on that day, just like this time.

The interview went well.

The human resource head of that multinational company I applied to told me to come back for the final leg of the interview with the top managers of the company two days from now. I’m pretty confident things will be okay.

Yes, things will be okay.

5 thoughts on “While waiting for my turn to be interviewed”

  1. hi john,

    i send over my good wishes for your job hunting escapades in Manila. just enjoy it there bro and you’ll get the hang of it. you will realize that the gradual erosion of idealism is true once you entered corporate life. but to be realistic and practical is what you need to survive in this dog-eats-dog environment.

  2. hi John,

    If you think you can you can. I will be in Manila this coming May 29. I managed to get a cheap ticket form cebupacificair. So wish you all the best.

    1. hi sir,

      can i volunteer to guide you around? that’d be a great experience, although i myself am not familiar with the city yet. i’m giving my self a month to master the streets of the metropolis.

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