A photo of the six of us

Our eldest sister made this collage of pictures she took from each of our web accounts. I thought it was so sweet of her. The last time we were complete as a family was almost two years ago celebrating Christmas. We’ve all gone to different places now: two are already working, I am still finding for a job, two are in college, and our youngest who is still in elementary. Our house started to feel like an empty nest for our parents several years ago. Except for our youngest sister, 10, and some of our cousins who occasionally visit or stay for the night, our parents are left alone.

High school friends often ask me when I’ll be home. I cannot give a definite answer. Home is too far away for me and for my other siblings. But I know we’ll all find time to visit our hometown and be with each other and our parents.

I am missing everyone.



3 thoughts on “A photo of the six of us”

  1. John, you have a beautiful family and yes it’s very sweet of your sister 🙂

    I’ve been feeling guilty lately for not spending much time with my family, so I’m kind of trying to work on that. My parents get lonely sometimes now that we’re never there.

  2. hi sir,

    it’s been a while for me. i still do not know where my second hometown will be. thanks for the wisdom you’ve been sharing to me.

  3. hi John,

    nice photo(s), home is always sweet. your parents are fortunate to have your youngest brother in company. it is common that kids grown in small towns will gradually leave their place for greener pasture once they are big enough to earn a living, as small towns don’t offer good chance for survival. Some leave to pursue further study like me and some leave to look for jobs in big cities and some leave for other countries hoping to land at a place with greener pasture.

    Whatever the reasons for leaving, the chances that they will go back to the hometown and settle down are not great. Many find their second hometown at places where they work and raise a family. So John where is your second hometown?

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