Divisoria trip

Below are pictures taken this afternoon in Divisoria, a section in Manila famous for its cheap goods and surplus supplies.


This street scene is reminiscent of a street in Lagos, Nigeria. Smokes coming from a stand selling roasted pork and chicken entrails called isaw as well as other parts of the chicken gave the street its distinct Southeast Asian flavor and smell.


A boy selling plastic bags for shoppers. This, for me,is one of the most moving pictures I’ve taken using a camera phone.


Colorful facades of buildings near the entrance of Divisoria coming from Quiapo.


Two girls oblivious of the the hustle and bustle surrounding them.


Toys for sale – Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, and Japanese anime hero Doraemon – name it, they got it here at Divisoria.

2 thoughts on “Divisoria trip”

  1. divisoria is not my most favorite place in the world, but it certainly is one hell of an interesting place. i have been there perhaps twice or thrice my life – usually when there’s a school presentation and i need to produce my costumes whose materials you can easily dig in divisoria.

    i’d say manila wouldnt be complete without this place. it’s an intersection of the social strata. everyone knows it, and almost every manilenyo has been here at least once in his or her lifetime.

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