My illogical side


It is the least of my intention to be platitudinous, but let me write about love. It’s been a while since I thought about this human emotion that I have ignored for quite a long time, now I am indulging myself in this entirely masturbatory topic. Love. Dissenting opinions will not be tolerated, at least for this post alone. I simply cannot bring my self to sympathize with other people’s beliefs when it comes to matters involving love. My mind is closed; I rigidly adhere to what I believe, but the funny thing is that I do not quite know what I really believe in.

This post may imperil my blog’s integrity because of its unbridled self-centeredness although in the first place I do not really give a damn about what the world says about me, the way I write, and the subject of my writings.

It’s as if anything is possible, achievable, easy if we go with life without this pesky thing that boggles and leaves us flabbergasted every time we are hurt. I said good bye to it a long time ago, but before I can have my precious solitude, I’m feeling it sleeping beside me, kissing me, embracing me, caressing me.

Oh love, why can’t you just leave me alone?

I am writing in cryptic, ambiguous terms here because everything seems cloudy and shaky. I do not anymore know what to believe in, what to trust, how to act, what to think, how to be me. To date, this is one of the lowest points in my life; although a helluva of hurdles are on their way, I am wallowing in the raw intensity of this emotion, for what I’ll have in the future will never be like this one.

But I guess I have no choice but to let go of my precious solitude and allow this thing to kiss, embrace me, caress me, even just for tonight.

I should’ve have gone crazy if this post sees publication in this site.


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