What’s a good aftenoon?

A drizzle outside enough to cool the afternoon heat.

Deep-fried squid balls.

An ice-cold regular Coke, not the Zero, definitely not.

An early 2000 acoustic song by a band trying to make mama proud.

An SMS from a college bestfriend asking if it is also raining outside.

A strawberry-flavored Rebisco Sandwich.

Lying naked with somebody and exchanging sweet-nothings to each other.

Writing, of course.

Nothing can be better than this afternoon.


11 thoughts on “What’s a good aftenoon?”

  1. why cringe?

    hmm,so you notice my absence huh– so nice of you..
    well aside from the fact i just got back from a vacay there’s a main reason..i but i can’t tell you here,but then you can ask me and then i may or may not answer you..
    ahaha..ano daw sinabi ko?!

    1. hahahaha. those were like a long time ago na. i cringe whenever i reread those posts i’ve written a year and a half ago. haha

  2. i think this is my first comment in your blog..haha.

    i think i’m lost,can’t remember the page that im reading..when did you start the blog?

  3. joan, i’m deeply touched. there are some post i regretted writing, there are some that make me feel incredulous that I’ve actually written them, but there are some that make me just smile. such as this one.

    maraming salamat.

  4. this post make me smile..so as the others.
    thank you.. I’ve been reading your blog for the past months.Started reading it from the latest posts going down. I’m at the may 2009 posts currently.
    salamat etong blog mo ang kasama ko sa panahon na walang kausap at naghihintay lang ng oras.

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