The art of seduction


You take your cup of venti cappuccino, hold it firmly, find the hole in the cover of the paper tumbler and insert you tongue into it to aid you with the sipping of the freshly brewed coffee. This should be done carefully to avoid spilling the precious liquid and the equally important foam you dearly paid for.

Then you hold the tumbler mid air, find again that hole where you previously inserted your tongue in, and using you index finger, flick it as you flick the end of a cigarette to get rid of the ashes. Then do the same process mentioned in the first paragraph but this time employing an additional maneuver. While sipping the brew, allow at least three seconds of eye contact, but not more than five seconds (you don’t want to create an awkward situation, unless of course you want to scare the other party by giving a clue that indeed you are maniacal).

Now if the use of the tumbler gets too monotonous if not tedious, focus on your sitting position. You slouch a bit and cross your legs, or if you are brave enough, exaggerate the gap between your knees thereby subtly exposing your mid-section. Attempt to cover it or to hide it by using the tumbler, this functions to add enigma of certain sort by letting the other party’s imagination run amok.

Then you excuse yourself that you’re going to the restroom, no, don’t use ‘restroom’, say toilet. Euphemism takes away the force in the language. You’re going to the toilet because you’re going to pee, or better, to urinate. Stand up, take your ground and walk your way to the restroom.  Spend as much time as you would want inside the restroom.

Then go back to your seat, hands inside the pocket, and reestablish your position. This time finish the remaining content of the tumbler in one gulp. Start the conversation.

The art of seduction will prove futile if the content of the conversation is lame. Flirting clears the ground, but ultimately it is the conversation, the meat of the matter, that will hold the drama of the actions that came before it.


3 thoughts on “The art of seduction”

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