Random thoughts on a drizzly night


Above is a print of the Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen . This was taken from an interview by Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Errol Morris with authors Edward Dolnick and Jonathan Lopez who both wrote about the  forgeries of Hans Van Meegeren of the work made by the 17th century Dutch painter Vermeer. The seven-part article entitled Bamboozling Ourselves talks about our idea of art, what makes a masterpiece, and why we are susceptible to sleight of hand forgeries.

This subject of the article, although cannot be directly compared with the current political situations in the Philippines, can provide us insights as to why the Arroyo administration is, up to this point, successful in maintaining a shaky order and why our representatives in the Congress remain unperturbed in their loyalty to the current government.

* * *


A week ago I found this lesser known supermarket in Pioneer Center between Boni Avenue and Shaw Boulevard. I am wont to buy all my needs from cans of beer to cotton buds in Robinsons Mall Pioneer which is quite expensive for somebody of my standing. What more, I found this brand of wrinkly (well, they’re generally wrinkly), brown raisins made from “premium California Thompson seedless grapes from select vineyard” aptly called Champion Natural Raisins (as if synthetic ones exist) are healthful and downright delicious.

I’m starting to develop a penchant for raisins. Aside from sore throat and discolored thumb and index finger consuming these brown goodness between meals, I can’t find any reason to let go of this starting-to-be-a-habit raisin addiction.


* * *

When I use my laptop or browse the web, I consider myself functionally illiterate, or something close to that. When my computer malfunctions or my connection stops in the middle of an important upload or streaming (that is, aside from watching the web’s more prurient contents) I am left dumbfounded and unable to act much less troubleshoot. This evening, while uploading photos for my blog post Mozilla Firefox crashed. This occurred as many times as I attempted to upload the photos that I almost got fed up until I remembered that I could still revert to Windows Internet Explorer.  I have no idea why Mozilla did not work, but I’m glad I have Explorer to depend on.

* * *

I love the rain. It makes Manila more livable, Romantic, less gray, cooler, less polluted, less alienating, more interesting. I love it when it’s wet.


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