With less than a year to next year’s election, politicians in the Philippines are in a dire undertaking to extend Arroyo’s stay in office using whatever method available. And the use of language has not escaped the carnage. The degree of atrocity is like seeing the cosmetic surgeon Manny Calayan singing Friends in a special number in SOP with his creations who like him are horrendous singers belting out a song to their nose jobs’ content. Our politicians are nothing different, they’re singing a familiar song of a different lyrics and an alien melody.

But language has its limits. Philippine politicians, who gave a totally different definition to the adjective ‘honorable’, use doublespeak that are getting more refined, subtle, and therefore dangerous. With their lack of any commitment to their words it is understandable that the language they use lack will, political and moral, that is. They thrive in the amorphous quality of their words – a direct onslaught on the integrity of language in general.

Only the old man from Cagayan de Oro has enough wit and sense to say it bluntly:

“The lady is capable of much mischief.”


Pres. Gloria Arroyo and Speaker Prospero Nograles


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