How to know if she’s carrying a fake Louis Vuitton

There was once a conversation I overheard in the Economy class of a KLM flight from Manila to Amsterdam between a Filipina and a European woman that gave me an idea on the outrageousness of Italian designer handbags.

The Filipina who sounded incredulous after hearing that the pink Gucci bag the Caucasian woman was bringing with her as a hand luggage costs 3000 Euros then proceeded to the all-Filipino tradition of converting the sum to Philippine peso. Her voice almost approached to that of shouting when her calculation revealed that the bag costs nearly 190,000 pesos. She then enumerated the things the amount could buy back in the Philippines: a down payment for a condominium unit, a farm land in the province, education of her children in an exclusive school in Manila, a secondhand car, a capital for a small business.

The other woman, unable to contribute her part in the conversation kept quiet the entire time except for occasional “uhm”s and “ah”s. The Filipina’s list almost stretched to eternity when at last she finally added: “you can buy the same bag in Quiapo for 300 pesos, then did the currency conversion for the European woman, mga around 5 Euros”.

“Really?” was the white woman’s only response. The conversation took place a year ago.


And because the world is experiencing an economic slowdown, the worst since the 1930s Great Depression in the US, global consumption for luxury items also follows a downward spiral as most consumers hold on to their cash. The market for fake goods, on the other hand, remains thriving especially in economies not directly affected by the collapse of the US financial institutions like the Philippines.

I was in Shangri-La Mall, a department store for high end goods in Mandaluyong City almost everyday in the previous week to watch free screenings of French films. The mall, I found out is a good place to observe people and their interaction with each other.

While waiting, for the screening schedule, a friend and I had a conversation on why almost all the women in that mall are carrying with them a bag by a designer label. There were Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace and all other Italian brands whose price, provided they’re real, can actually buy those things mentioned by a Filipina in that KLM flight.

It can’t be that they are all carrying with them originals, a friend said. If that is so, I asked, then how can we spot a counterfeit from an authentic? Ultimately, we came up with a rather shallow means, that is, to judge the owner of the bag.

In the Philippines, with its highly stratified economic classes, most people rely on observable symbols to tell whether the people they see or socially interact with is in lower, the same, or higher class, a process important in deciding the kind of socialization they will have. But because of the prevalence of fake goods, judging by a handbag, at least for women, will not be that accurate. So we often resort to more verifiable means, say the ownership of a car, the outward appearance, the proficiency in the English language, or their work.

If a handbag costs as much as a year’s salary of a minimum wage earner, or even more, won’t it be offensive to one’s sensibilities to carry a Gucci bag around?

Not so much in the Philippines. Since fakes are difficult to distinguish from real ones, owning an Italian designer bag will not lead to any social disturbance as opposed to strutting a Prada in Bronx.

Driving a Porsche in the slums of Quiapo, on the other hand, is a totally different thing.

Now here’s an elementary (if not an idiotic) way we have come up to tell whether a Vuitton is a wannabe or not:

1. If it’s carried by a high school girl, it’s a fake. Most women who can afford a pricey handbag are already graying since they have more disposable income from retirement or from money sent by children working abroad.

2. If the woman holding a Gucci is carrying another plastic bag in her other hand, the bag is a fake unless that plastic bag is carried by another woman wearing a white or floral uniform who is an assistant or a nurse of that old woman.

3. If the Vuitton is already the tenth of the same kind of Vuitton you’ve seen that day, chances are all ten of them are fakes. A woman who can afford to buy an original won’t bother buying an ultra-expensive bag that looks exactly like the one her amiga brought from Divisoria.

4. If the woman has a Prada tied on her shoulder and she’s walking with small children, the bag shouts ‘counterfeit!’, but if those children are carried individually by their own uniformed nannies then she might have paid dearly for that shoulder bag.

5. If a woman enters through the main entrance of the department store holding a Versace tote bag together with the rest of the proletariat members of the society, the tote’s totally phony. But if she used the entrance from the mall’s parking lot, there’s a high probability that that tote’s true.

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  1. I love this post! The comments are just as entertaining. I buy my bags on eBay 2nd hand. I look for quality and resale value. So when I tire of it I sell it back on eBay and buy another one. To each his own.

  2. I found the article entertaining. I didn’t sense any judgement nor discrimination in the tone of the author. He even included a cautionary advice: “Now here’s an elementary (if not an idiotic) way we have come up to tell whether a Vuitton is a wannabe or not”. I believe he based his observations on stereotypical imagery. Plus! It’s a personal blog. A blog people! He just expressively posts his opinions. I also believe the writer did not intend any offense to anyone. Now, let’s be open. If his perceptions contradict to yours, I guess it’s not his fault.

  3. Ridiculous..very judgmental and no logic at all to the point that your blog post almost seems satirical! I have 8 authentic designer bags and I’m just 29 and not even graying at all..It’s about knowing where to score the best deals, which in my case means buying them whenever I’m out with the family traveling to Asia/Europe/US. My family has yayas and 2 drivers but I’m low key & I find it ridiculous to have alalays/drivers who’ll follow me just to carry my stuff when I’m out in the mall..Some collectors like me still buy those basic yet classic models from different brands because of the design & function. We don’t really care if everyone has the same bag IF we’ve already fallen in love with the model before it became a basic b*tch/mainstream bag. Lastly, I use the main entrances of malls because why should i go inside the parking lot when it’s more convenient & less hassle for me to just ask my personal driver to drop me off at the main entrance? It’s so obvious that you don’t really encounter a lot of rich (truly rich, not just nouveau rich) people in your circle. Pathetic.

    1. Anyone who considers himself beyond the label nouveau riche would not waste his precious time reading an old post probably written by an angsty writer in his youth, writing with so much vitriol in his tone, then proving the writer false and lambasting his obviously false idea that everyone using the main entrance to a mall is a member of the sweaty hoi polloi, as he may just be rendezvousing with his driver at the basement parking after his afternoon stroll at the mall.

      You were able to successfully communicate in that badly written response to my post all your insecurities, and that my dear anonymous reader, is to use your term, pathetic!

  4. Ridiculous..very judgmental and no logic at all to the point that your blog post almost seems satirical! I have 8 authentic designer bags and I’m just 29 and not even graying at all..It’s about knowing where to score the best deals, which in my case means buying them whenever I’m out with the family traveling to Asia/Europe/US. My family has yayas and 2 drivers but I’m low key & I find it ridiculous to have alalays/drivers who’ll follow me just to carry my stuff when I’m out in the mall..Some collectors like me still buy those basic yet classic models from different brands because of the design & function. We don’t really care if everyone has the same bag IF we’ve already fallen in love with the model before it became a basic b*tch/mainstream bag. Lastly, I use the main entrances of malls because why should i go inside the parking lot when it’s more convenient & less hassle for me to just ask my personal driver to drop me off at the main entrance?

  5. I don’t know how I stumbled upon this halariously false article.

    Note to the Author, you must understand not to hastley fall into judging, undermining especially your own people of the Philippines. You have only proved by this publishing your thoughts are truely* shallow.

    My Mother’s family in Cebu are incredibly wealthy and the women tote only authentic Hermès and slipper Ferragamo’s into fish markets (envisioning my awesome Lola), unlike my Father’s British family whom are also wealthy though prefer to don counterfeit through Bond Street
    – there is a pride, depending whether one accepts or not.

    My “Yaya” in the nineties was on minimum wage (Philippine Peso) though could still afford to save and purchase herself a Louis Vuitton ‘Sac’, to carry my nappies! Each persons have different means and ways to purchase what they feel and want.

    Thus, morally, not to judge though to properly understand an individual’s cultural values (beliefs and values).

    *Pun intended.

    Instagram: Brentoy.Official

  6. After your kind words on my blog I thought I’d check out yours. I found your post very amusing, and the comments even more so!
    But then, I have no emotions involved. If I want a fabulous bag I just sew my own ;-P
    Thanks for the laugh 😀

    1. That’s a very old post. Hahaha. Too much has changed from that time I wrote it. Thanks for following my blog. Will do the same for yours.

  7. I have my own condo, cars, but I only own 2 authentic LV . My friend has lots of authentic LV, GUCCI, etc but she does not have her own place to live (still living in a room with in laws) and at 48 they just bought their first second hand adventure….to say it short, her families priorities are just different .

  8. Nowadays there are fake or replica bags that are almost of the same quality as the authentic bags, with a fraction of the cost. I own a replica of lv bag and it has been with me for more than 5 years and its still great. Lv and hermes are expensive not only because of quality but also because of the name. So yes, even the rich people buy replicas because replica bags now are of high quality already unlike in the days of the old.

  9. It is better to carry a bag that costs $10 with $990 in it, than carrying a bag that costs $990 without a single $10 in it.

  10. I know this blog is old but i can’t help replying to it. The whole article screams of ignorance.
    First of all, LV and Chanel are French brands, not Italian. That itself was already a sign that this article wasn’t worth reading but i continued anyway.
    All the lists you mentioned about how you and your friends determine whether the luxury bag is fake or not are just ridiculous.
    It doesn’t matter how young or old the carrier of the bag is or if they look rich or not. There are a lot of reasons like rich parents, or rich husband or maybe that person works abroad with high income or just so damn determined to buy the bag that he/she dreams of that the person saved up for a long time to get it. Or maybe they have wealthy relatives abroad who gave them althr bag as a gift. Like i said, there are numerous reasons. Also, not everyone in the Philippines who are wealthy, walk around with their maids or nannies. Some are down to earth and sensible enough not to rely on their “help” to do everything for them. Some also commute and go to places where common people go so you can’t really tell by just looking at them.
    And like one of the commenter here said, if you know luxury designer brands then you can tell by just looking at the bag itself and not the freaking owner.

    1. Lol.. this is a garbage article,..i think she forgot the sayings na ” don’t judge the book by it’s cover”. Not all rich people or looking mayaman kuno ang nkaka afford lang ng expensive things.. the thing is most of the rich people likes to buy a cheap stuff dhil nanghihinayang sa expensive things in other words kaya yumaman dhil madaming kuripot na mayayaman. Well in the end our graveyards are all the same..

    2. Thought the same too. This article is too judgemental of people and not the actual topic itself, which is identifying a real from a fake bag.

    3. perfect!! i agree… i own an authentic lv but i dont look rich… i just love the bag so much i have to save for it…

    4. Come on! Have some sense of irony. The world is going to be a happier place if people like you take in some irony every now and then.

    5. I totally agree!!! Porket may hawak na plastic bag, fake na ang dalang bag? Pinapakita niyo lang ng kaibigan mo na you both have poor judgment and horrible attitudes. How dare you publish this ridiculous article? I have a handful of LVs. Im not rich but Im not poor as well. I save up too much so I can spend on things that I adore. So porket I’ll pass by the entrance of the mall e nag commute na ko tapos fake dala kong bag? How idiotic can that statement be. bago ka mag post, nag iisip ka ng mabuti sa mga taong maaapektuhan sa sasabihin mo. It may be fun for you being a “know it all” but be mindful of other people. Seriously, first impression while I was reading, ANG YABANG. FEELING MASYADO. Piece of advice, wag mag marunong at mag magaling masyado.

  11. may i post this link on my FB page. as it’s a public blog, i suppose i may post the link, but i’ll wait for your reply

  12. Guys, don’t take this article too seriously. It’s entertaining actually.

    Hence the statement: “Now here’s an elementary (if not an idiotic) way we have come up to tell whether a Vuitton is a wannabe or not”

    Fake or genuine, it’s okay. If it makes you happy go for it. Cheers!

  13. Bobo at cheap Lang ngang sulat ng cheap na article na to! Mukhang cya yung walang pambili ng expensive bags pero dahil ambisyosa ayun bumibili na Lang ng fake para Lang masabi na rich cya. Yuck!

    1. Hahaha oo nga. Etong hipag ko gustong bumili ng wallet at may pambili naman pero nasa middle class lang kami nagpapasama sa LV store sa makati. Perk sabi ko huwag na baka pagpasok natin tingnan tayo mula ulo hanggang paa at akalain martilyo gang tayo hehehehe

  14. This article made me laugh .. super judgemental yata un writer .. I have sister in Japan she have lots of designer bags and when she comes home she uses these bags but she walks with a sipmle outfit .. hindi dress but jeans no “yaya” but with a son on her arms.. riding a cab doesn’t mean na fake un bag nia.. hahaha I think you forgot the saying “think before you click”

  15. I totally disagree with ur judgements coz i have authentic bags u won’t imagine but I carry them in baclaran or in Quiapo without anyone assisting me in white or floral uniform! I carry plastic bags on my own from the market while my bags are on my shoulder! Maybe those who doesn’t do it are the wannabe as what u called them! I don’t care that I am wearing a slippers and tshirt and sweating,i am not comfortable wearing fake bags but I still go and do stuffs on the side streets and markets you guys are what i call social na mga chismosa!!!

    1. Ha, I totally agree with you. Somebody has said it finally hahaha…people these days like to assume things A LOT.

    2. Baka pag sya ang may designer bag di na magbitbit ng plastic at di na pupunta ng quiapo.

  16. One thing to consider buying these brands is durability. Saving at least 5k monthy then after a year, voila! a fancy gift for yourself. The price is worth the wonder years the bag will serve the master. This is a main reason of many others, I presumed…. and not all these telltale signs you enumerated

  17. One more thing, since I live abroad and just come home to the Philippines for vacation, I carry my authentic Vuitton with my boy without someone in white or floral scrub suit with us.

  18. I live in Europe and I own 4 authentic Vuittons ( Tivoli GM and 3 Almas ) Everytime, I come home to Iloilo Philippines, I commute, I take a cab everywhere I go with my Vuitton on my hand.

  19. This is the most judgemental and very elementary article I’ve read about this topic. The points are very shallow and superficial. Very wrong! I was trying to look for an article that can help me spot an authetic vs. a fake bag bec. I was trying to buy my 1st ever LV bag, but this read was a waste of time. Very “matapobre” and judgemental!

    1. I totally agree with you! Too judgmental and matapobre. Perhaps the writer is just a wannabe elitist, he’d judge people by the way they look thinking that he’s someone higher than most humans. And the irony of this article? You cant determine whether a designer bag is authentic or not because you’re not exposed to any!!! You really dont know the authentics so you just judge the people wearing them. How childish, pathetic and lowly. Hahahaha you should perhaps change the title of this article 🙂

    2. I won’t modify the title in any way. You need, JC, to read more on irony. Deepen your understanding of it. When you finally have, come back here then drop it here. Good luck!

  20. reading the comments gives me mixed reactions. — just be secure on who you really are and true joy will follow. Peace!

    1. Is it a SIN or SOMETHING WRONG if a person carrying a Replica or fake branded bags? Should we say that person is a social climber or a pretender? A can’t afford person just like me is not allowed to carry a bag of LV even its fake? My boss is the owner of the company and they are rich … when we went to Bangkok she bought an LV bag but not in LV store…and she bought some replicas bags at Greenhills ..but I know that she can afford to buy an orginal … So if you are poor and carrying a fake LV we are judge as social climber and a pretender .. What if your in a high class lifestyle and carrying same fake stuff is it the same comment? Di ba pwedeng bought of us spend our money wisely?

    2. For the rich people, they buy those expensive bags because they speak quality and they can afford them and at the same time these bags reflect their status in the society..the question is, why do you buy fake or replicas? i don’t know if they’re quality bags. or maybe you just wanted to appear a “can- afford” because of the bag at a glance..

  21. 1. If it’s carried by a high school girl, it’s a fake. Most women who can afford a pricey handbag are already graying since they have more disposable income from retirement or from money sent by children working abroad.
    — I was in second year high school when I bought MY OWN Louis with my saved up allowance. How dare you.

    2. If the woman holding a Gucci is carrying another plastic bag in her other hand, the bag is a fake unless that plastic bag is carried by another woman wearing a white or floral uniform who is an assistant or a nurse of that old woman.
    — Bawal mag dala ng plastic kung may Gucci? Kailangan YAYA agad? Kaya nakakabili ng mga bag na original, kasi nag TITIPID, at NAGSASAVE WISELY. You don’t need a yaya for a plastic bag carrier. You can do it yourself.

    3. If the Vuitton is already the tenth of the same kind of Vuitton you’ve seen that day, chances are all ten of them are fakes. A woman who can afford to buy an original won’t bother buying an ultra-expensive bag that looks exactly like the one her amiga brought from Divisoria.
    — I bought my Neverfull Louis even though there were a lot of fake ones, because of the comfort and use of the bag.

    4. If the woman has a Prada tied on her shoulder and she’s walking with small children, the bag shouts ‘counterfeit!’, but if those children are carried individually by their own uniformed nannies then she might have paid dearly for that shoulder bag.
    — Again, a lot of people don’t need yayas. Abroad nga walang yaya, eh. Need mo ba ng yaya para ma-justify na original ang bag mo? Again, spending money wisely = extra money for ORIGINAL branded bags.

    5. If a woman enters through the main entrance of the department store holding a Versace tote bag together with the rest of the proletariat members of the society, the tote’s totally phony. But if she used the entrance from the mall’s parking lot, there’s a high probability that that tote’s true.
    — So what? Naglalakad rin naman ako, commute or whatnot. I don’t need to justify my authentic bag.

    1. You are so damn right Miss Ria. Sa lahat ata ng nabasa ko about spotting fake or original LV eto na ata ang pinakawalang kwenta. So porket highschool di ba pwede mag LV? lol my niece is only 7 when my sister bought her a speedy 25. I know it’s too much dahil bata pa sya pero magagamit naman daw nya hanggang lumaki sya.

    2. No.5 isn’t true. A woman who come in the main entrance of the mall does not mean she is wearing a fake versace or LV bag.why?… because she may have just been droped off by her driver to the main entrance as it is too hot to get off at the carpark. More likely if she came from the carparks entrance means she is the driver or has no driver or worst, she may have just got lifted by a friend.

    3. I agree with u ms ria. Maybe shes a pretender lol. Ung biglang nagkaroon lang ng branded things then she thinks na ganun na agad lol.

      For you ms. Pretender- ive got friends who has branded stuffs pero para lang silang ordinary persons. Ndi naman doon nkikita kung original ang gamit mo. People who loves branded stuffs makikita at malalaman nila agad kung fake or real ang gamit mo kasi sanay n sila but if u are trying to be sosyal,pretending that ure in nd u know the difference of real and fake stuffs, wag mo n sayangin ung oras mo and stop being a social-climber. Ako nga ngcocommute lng with my branded bags or watches pero for me, its normal lng. Btw, some riches people are simple lang, they dont have to brag or show what they have. And plus, kung rich ang family, for sure ung expensive stuffs ng anak nila na ginagamit ay bigay ng magulang or nkpgipon sila from their allowance. 🙂 kya afford nila. 🙂

    4. That’s bull, I own numbers of authentic designer bags but I still go to tiangge! I have a high school daughter that I gave my old LV bag she’s using. I don’t have a nanny and a helper at home becoz i prefer my kids to learn how to do house works so we don’t have a so called “in uniform” when we walk around. I sometimes go to the mall commuting so I do not enter from a parking entrance…

    5. You are very right. I agree with you 100%. I don’t have yaya because I DO like to do my own things my way and save that $$$ to buy my LV bags. Or my $30,000 dimond set.

    6. Right, this is all so wrong!!! I am jobless, I am not rich and I am not capable to buy these authentic bags but I have a Vuitton and it was given by my sister who works abroad!! 😀 😀

    7. you’re right! nag co-commute din ako with my lv bag. as long as i know i’m holding an authentic one i don’t need to justify it. this article is very judgemental!!!!

    8. Thanks for the wonderful input!! Kaloka si writer diba?! Ako, I have a daughter, used to have a yaya but I decided not to have na kasi mga pasaway nagiging yaya. So ibig sabihin nun fake na bags ko kasi wala ako yaya para humawak ng plastic bags ko hahahaha kaloka ka writer

  22. Oh wow. How pathetic. I would file this as a satirical post if not for the intro part. You actually sound like a pathetic poser. None of the things listed here are reliable signs. You obviously don’t know much about designer items. If you do, you’d know that one can tell apart a fake and an authentic bag just by its appearance, not the person carrying it.

    I just wanna laugh at this entry. I mean, really? Number 1, if a high school student is using the bag, then it’s fake? Ever heard of rich parents? Anyway, I can bust all the things on this list but that’d be a waste of time.

    1. Exactly! What if someone who carries it looks plain but can afford to buy luxury goods? You can’t judge them just by how they look.

    2. Lame. People who can’t afford should not judge by the looks. And when I say. Can’t afford, I mean the author of this blog.

    3. Whoa. Your tirade is original. The post is written not against you. Don’t take it personally.

      Ikaw na ang afford ang LV. Eh di wow!

  23. wow! would have been epic if i carry around an authentic LV sa palengke! ansabe? sila sa mall, ako sa palengke ko lng dinala, hahahahaha! it was a very discriminating article thou.

  24. i’m in my 20’s cant really say our family’s super rich, but we travel a one in the family knows how much my father actually earns, or if he has a new business of the moment, i own 3 originals fr different brands, but my mom has a bigger collection..and my 13-year-old lil sis has an original we got from paris too..and most of the time i go around manila with a driver..same with the other members of the fam..i do commute too, on days/nights when my driver’s not available..
    but what the heck, im such a cowboy and let me eat fishball & isaw in the kanto, and drink red horse while bringing my originals & sporting a diamond watch on one arm because i’d prefer to snack on those than some of the food ive tasted in europe during our stay there..and i know my way around divisoria (fabric/business heaven) like i know how to get around foreign cities when we have shopping/r&r trips abroad..and yes, i can actually spot fake bags from afar especially while taking a closer look.
    yung lv nga wala na ko paki kahit madumihan, it’s just a bag afterall 🙂 right now, id rather spend my moolah on investments..basic bitch goals vs grown woman goals 🙂

    1. Sadly for mostnof the posters and the writer, LV was uncool as soon as Asians started buying them. By the time a western fashion becomes “fashionable” im Asia, it is alreaady out of fashion in the west.

      Asia is a dumping ground for out-of-fashion western brands.

  25. Mali ang number five! We always use the main entrance ’cause we don’t know how to drive – that’s what drivers are for! =p


    1. very true. LV is my passion. even i enter from the main entrance of the mall or play and run with my grandkids while holdung my LV, or carry another utility bag with my other hand because i carry lots if abubots with me all the time and my cellphones and ipad plus loaded wallet are too heavy na for my LV and because of the fortune i paid fir it i don’t want it to be saggy or worn right away, and even i see 10 or even more LV speedy doesn’t mean all 10 are imitations. so i beg to disagree with the judgmental observations mentioned here. i can tell an authentic LV from fake ones just by looking at it even from a distance because i love LV that much that i perfected already how to scrutinize real from imitation. but if a friend would tell me her LV is real even if it’s not, i just shut my mouth and let her enjoy the fun of having LV. live and let live. kewl.

  27. The title of the blog is supposedly how to spot an authentic bag from fake..but the entire content of the article is all about judging the person who is carrying it and not the bag itself!lol

    1. 1. If it’s carried by a high school girl, it’s a fake. Most women who can afford a pricey handbag are already graying since they have more disposable income from retirement or from money sent by children working abroad.

      Nagiisip ba tong writer ng article na to. I got second hand Louis Vuitton bags at the age of 26 and they are all mint but good condition and HARD WORK HARD earned money ko yun. Nakakainis napaka unreasonable ng mga sinabi mo.

  28. Firstly i want to point out that designers you stated like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are no italian based designers they are French.

    Secondly if you are a high fashion consumer you can tell a fake from a mile a way.

    Thirdly i have a sister in primary school with a few louis vuitton hand bags and a sister in high school with quite a few high fashion items in her wardrobe. So think about that before you deside that the high school girl is carrying a fake.

  29. I have 1 LV Brooklyn GM for men $1,840, I brought from Burjuman Mall in Dubai and I didn’t eat dinner for 3months hahahaha

  30. Funny because i fit most of the categories that would put me in the “fake lv” carriers… im only 34, no yayas for my kids, takes a cab wherever I go, uses the main entrance of the malls i go to, carries plastic bags if needed, but I have about 4 original LVs… Darn it! Pinag-ipunan ko pa naman yung mga yun… hehehe….

    1. very true. LV is my passion. even i enter from the main entrance of the mall or play and run with my grandkids while holdung my LV, or carry another utility bag with my other hand because i carry lots if abubots with me all the time and my cellphones and ipad plus loaded wallet are too heavy na for my LV and because of the fortune i paid fir it i don’t want it to be saggy or worn right away, and even i see 10 or even more LV speedy doesn’t mean all 10 are imitations. so i beg to disagree with the judgmental observations mentioned here. i can tell an authentic LV from fake ones just by looking at it even from a distance because i love LV that much that i perfected already how to scrutinize real from imitation. but if a friend would tell me her LV is real even if it’s not, i just shut my mouth and let her enjoy the fun of having LV. live and let live. kewl.

  31. I come from a rich family but sorry i am not a fan of LV bags. Id rather invest my
    Money in real estate. I just carry a Longchamp and michael kors bag and Im happy with it. To each his own. 🙂

  32. I have two kids with me when I carry My LV no yayas only me and my husband 🙂 and slippers if I like :-). Mostly everyone look at me as the yaya of my two boys who cares.

  33. Hej, I used to buy secondhand LV, Gucci
    here in Stockholm, Sweden but My swedish husband tease me a lot and say that it is fake. So, what I did last summer when I and My relatives travelled to London, Venice and Paris ? Bought a speedy 25 in Champs-Élysées , Paris. Anyway I can afford it and :-). It’s time for me to have 2 one for winter and one for summer . I give some of My savings to friends and family in need in Phil. All the time so, why should not take some luxury myself?

  34. Very entertaining blog. But this sure wake those who carries authentic Vuitton yet mentioned in this blog like me. I still commute with my LV tango or alma and even take a tricycle from our house to palengke. I myself have about 10 LV bags and 3 of them were like 10 yrs old since I purchased them in Japan back in my band vocal days. I’m not rich but I work hard as an OFW and buying LV’s is sort of a reward for myself. For me, you can tell the authentic one by just touching the leather itself. Even the smell will tell you if it’s a knocked off or not. I guess it really doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look when it comes to carrying a signature bag. But it does matter to people who look at you and giving you a “Manhattan Once Over” and will mutter something in disgust or not if you don’t look good with your bag. This is so typical with Filipinos and we can’t help it. I bought my recent bag LV Bergamo at Siam Paragon in Thailand. And I was only in my maong shorts, regular top and slippers. Took the train to get there cause traffic is real bad in Bangkok. On my way back to hotel, no one bothered to give me a look on what I wear with my bag and another box and LV paper bag. So different… So unlike Philippines. What matters the most I think is that having an authentic bag don’t need to be like a fashion runway show to the eyes of others. You bought the bag because you know you like it and you know you could use it and of course… Flaunt it! (Kahit ano pang hitsura mo) 😉

    1. Haha true!!! I own 2 authentic LV, carrying it sa grocery with my kid then take a cab,,, if the blogger saw me, she will declare the my LV are fake,, damn! Ihampas ko pa sa mukha nya bag ko… Lol! Honestly don’t judge the bag by the person who carries it,, 🙂

    2. exactly. i bought 3LV bags in bangkok 1996 and i still use it until now. i take cab or trikes with my LV who cares. i have more than 10 collection if LV and even my married daughter used and borrowed it from me on a weekly basis.

  35. panalo. i let my wife read this and she was in total rage. pero tawa ng tawa. i understand this was meant to kid around with how the bags correlate to how you live your life, but guys, joke time lang to. the writer is eloquent (and smart) enough to let you understand that gusto lang nya magsulat about it. i have the same sentiments (and pagkukutya) about fake bags. yung tipong makakatabi ka ng babae sa jeep na naka LV, tangina fake yan!! 🙂 ang shallow ko. haha!

    but yes, a fun read indeed!

  36. For the record… uso na lay-away ngayon at isang swipe lang ng credit card, may luxury bag ka na! Payment is staggered 12 months and O% interest pa! Approx 4k a month, i think if you have a 20-30k monthly income you can buy yourself one regardless of your style or looks and kahit dalhin mo pa sa palengke it doesn’t matter dahil yun ang trip mo gawin.

  37. Im 15, I live in Canada, and I own my own collection of designer bags from Tory Burch, LV, Chanel and others. From reading this, since I’m a teenager, wearing simple clothes, holding a Tory Burch Amanda tote, it’d be considered fake? But vice versa, it’d be considered real? Whenever my family travels to Philippines, we do have our own car and drivers, but sometimes, we commute with taxi or we even enjoy taking a jeep! To be honest, I agree with you because I can tell whether a bag is real or not, but let’s not take it to the extent where we judge others (just because all they can afford is counterfeit). What’s so wrong with buying a fake bag and wearing it out? Of course, wearing one in a public market is a completely different story. I 100% agree with you, because that’s also how I can tell if a bag is fake or not. But I’m simple, and I do love collecting designer bags (real ones by the way) and wearing it out, because I love showing what I worked hard for (mom never buys me something without deserving it). So, next time you see a simple dressed, not so fair skinned, short girl with plastic bags in her hand, but an Orange Hermes Birkin bag in the other, just mind your own business because trust me, she must’ve worked hard for that 2000ph bag!

  38. I have 5 LV bags from Monogram to Damier and the latest I bought was Trevi PM which cost 1,500€. I have other signature bags like Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Fendi and YSL and they are all authentic with dustbag, original receipt and boxes. I bought them myself from the flagship stores whenever we go abroad. I have average look and I don’t use make up. I don’t speak English fluently and I wear casual clothes and sometimes flipflop whenever we are in Philippines because they are comfortable to wear. So do not base your assumptions on looks only, you don’t have to have porcelain skin or dress in fancy just to carry real LV’s 😉

  39. Lol funny read. Stared at that gold LV bag in the pic with my mind going like, “Whoaaa!!! WHO on earth would want that bag?!!” Hahaha! Sorry LV aficionados, no offence meant sirs, madams. I’m sure a bag like that has aesthetic qualities a philistine like me would fail to appreciate.

    Anyway to fess up, I’m also kind of guilty of the sizing up that happened here. Sometimes, my firiends and I would find ourselves people watching in the mall and having the exact same conversation. And yes it is judgmental, i’ve no qualms admitting that. But isn’t it also judgmental to conclude that conversations like ours come from a place mired in bitterness or jealousy or plain meanness? Because it’s not as clear cut as that. Could be that this comes from our being different from each other in terms of upbringing/circumstances, or perhaps simply being born with varying mindsets? Why the hell not.

    Take my case for instance, I just know I prefer to spend my money on things other than designer stuff. I was brought up that way, maybe even born that way. I like to travel, I engage in sports, I’m also a health freak so I take care of my body and buy gym memberships; my hobby is photography and buying furniture and gadgets, i have a starter art collection (only a few pcs, started when I was in college) etc, that’s how I get my kicks and where my money goes. I have nice things like bags, watches, clothes etc but mostly gifts or handed down from my lola/mom/aunts (watches courtesy of my dad). Except for the watches, I rarely use these things, not because I have attached certain notions to owning stuff (whether positive or nega), but because they don’t suit the lifestyle I have chosen for myself. And that’s basically the point here. Some of us “judge” consumers of designer brands not because we look down on them but for the simple reason that they represent a life/lifestyle far different from the one we’d like to carve for ourselves. It’s not being contemptuous or mean or small minded or jealous, but possessing an alternative world view. Ganun lang kasimple minsan.

    Napahaba. Hahaha! Sorry for taking up so much space, Mr John. Had a blast reading your entry btw, appreciate this opportunity to share insights even if flawed for some people.

    Peace everyone!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Tala. You seem to have done an introduction of yourself.

      But true, we think this way because we were brought up differently.

  40. This is totally hilarious!!! Still giggling at how amusing this all is. I love your wit and spunk – you said it very well and straight to the point. As harsh as it sounds, people do judge others by appearance, and what good does it do if some poor woman decides to spend her hard earned cash on a Neverfull but yet her appearance screams “NEVERMIND”. I’m not a designer bag kind of person, in fact my knowledge about GUCCI’s PRADA’s and LOUIS VUITTON’s are nil. But I’m one of the lucky few who have older sisters who collect LV bags like how I would stack up on the latest NIKE apparel. And to the envy of bag aficionados all over the world, I get to use all her designer bags without it affecting my savings at all 🙂

    I lug around one of her monogrammed LV’s everywhere I go, and this B*tCh!## of a girl once told me… “So what if that rich kid has a Louis Vuitton?? I have naman a COACH!” ….. Big deal! To me a COACH was the guy who would bark instructions and make the calls during a basketball game..

    Point is if you look like SH**!T what’s the point in buying the same exact LOUIS VUITTON bag as the girl you totallyHATE but secretly envy?? Chances are she’s just carrying a FAKE but because of her up bringing she makes FAKE look AUTHENTIC. As they say, you surely can’t buy CLASS.

  41. you know i also judge the authenticity of the bags the same way you do.also if you’re carrying around a genuine one and ur “ugly as fuck” as one anonymous person in this thread puts it’s not even important to me anymore…it’s mean but it is what it is… i would also like to add that although i totally agree wit ur qualifiers for knock-off vs. genuine i think i would be an exemption…you see before i used to have money and work,but then i went back to schooling and i only depend on my family abroad now for everything…also,i’m on a tight budget since i have to budget my allowance between everything (household expenses,bills,pets(dogs and cats)food,recreation and i have a daughter) and honestly my allowance barely makes it to the end of the month.i had to sell my cars.mahal ang maintenance parking gas etc…dagdag gastos…THERE IS A POINT TO MY STORY THOUGH… ako na ngayon ang nagdadala ng tunay na bag pero may plastic sa kabilang kamay…at pumapasok sa entrance ng mall na hindi mula sa parking lot(not unless im with someone who has a car) hahaha! but that’s life…buti na lang i have the kind of appearance na pag sinasabi kong 50 pesos ko lang nabili ang isang bagay ayaw pang paniwalaan… so may fighting chance pa yung mga bag ko kahit commutera and nagdadala ako ng plastic bag… i guess….oh and sometimes my bf’s driver drops us off sa entrance din ng mall na pasukan ng ordinary people….so yeah…could be really hard to tell….this article is really good though….

  42. This is a very good read. You are spot on! Your pointers on how to spot an authentic or fake are similar to mine, well in the Philippines anyway. Whether some people like it or not, your purse is always judged by the factors mentioned above, which makes sense really. Some designer bags cost more than an average worker’s annual income. Wouldn’t one think, hey, how can she afford that when she only makes this much? It’s like some politicians acquiring heaps of assets and properties with their income, but that’s another story. When I was still in Manila working in the CBD, I used to look at handbags and purses carried by office girls and went, fake.. real.. fake… real… I didn’t say it aloud though, it was only in my head. Personally, I don’t really care if one carries an authentic or replica, it’s their choice. Their hearts probably don’t bleed for the designers and their counterfeited bags, but can’t afford the real thing so they settle for replicas in the name of fashion.

    I am with you when you used the words, “if and then”, “chances are…” because the above observations are well, personal observations, somewhat true though, but they don’t always apply to everyone. I live in Australia and people here don’t really care. You can carry an authentic (counterfeits aren’t sold here btw) and they still wouldn’t care, bugger that, they’d say. Here, no matter what your profession or economic status is, you won’t be judged by your purse.

    I am a commercial cleaner and contractor, and I rewarded myself with a nice bag last tax time 😉

    1. Well done same here, bibili Lang din ako ng Medyo mahal na bag, tuwing makukuha ko tax return …dito kasi sa Au d payabangan, fake or genuine ang importante, binili mo kasi gusto mo..👍👍👍

  43. Wow we have an expert here! Your blog cracked me up… Not sure if it’s in a good or a bad way though… Lol I’m not sure if this was written intelligently or stupidly… You made ur conclusion based on 1-15 samples in a population? Mmmm… Just my take! :p

  44. Hi there 🙂 I’m a college student and yes I cannot afford buying signature bags like LV, gucci, prada etc. cause it costs way too much. As I was searching for class A bags I stumbled into this post and got curious, I totally got hooked by the intro and got me interested more while reading the comments. My mom is working abroad and she has a whole lot of collection of LV and other designer bags. I can say were not that rich but we can afford it, we have a car but sometimes would go commute. Like other normal people we would go by the entrance and no I dont have a yaya and my mom would take her LV bag anywhere, dressed up fancy or not. She loves designer bags and I cannot stop her from buying what she loves or I’ll just go cray cray. I guess we cannot really cannot judge someone if they’re wearing an authentic bag or not. Its a passion for other people, its a trend. It really depends on the person.

  45. This is a nice blog. However, to respond to your title (of this blog)….. I would say, no one will ever know if one’s wearing a fake or authentic luxury handbag. I’ve been living in Toronto (Canada) for the last 16 yrs now. Bought my first Prada bag in Boston, Ma (USA). Bought my first Louis Vuitton in Toronto. I walk with my 3 boys in the mall without a nanny – disagree to point 4 of your list. My kids wear (authentic) signature clothing (whenever we’re in Manila) – disagree to point 1 of your list. I don’t always dress the “runway look”. I do not want to be judged for my looks, color or financial status because I am definitely sure that I am more professional, educated and above average income earner (in Canadian status) than the person looking at me.

  46. Hi! I agree with K.S. I own a number of authentic gucci, LV, prada and coach bags. And I prefer going out with my 3 children without a uniformed Yaya. Usually I’m comfortable just wearing my slippers and casual shirt and shorts wherever I go be it in Newport Mall or Baclaran. I had a chance to see an all dressed up woman in ATC starbucks who speaks very fluent English and yet she was carrying a fake LV bag 🙂 One instance in SM supermarket I saw a baduy woman next to me at tge cashier who really acted “bakya” but I was amazed that she was carrying an authentic gucci bag and wallet. Hence, we really cannot judge people by the way they speak or dress. As long as they can afford buying Luxury bags.

    1. Yes I highly agree her comment as the saying that goes Dont Judge a Book by its Cover….maybe someone is baduy looking but a relative of her gave her an orig bag out of a sort of a gift

  47. Nope you don’t have to dress beautifully, to carry LV. When I was in the Philippines during High School Years I already carried LV bags with me. And whenever I go to the malls i used to enter the department store entrance, And I don’t bring my yaya’s with me. That depends on the person….. If the person is simple or too showy. Remember Never judge a book by its cover.

  48. Hi! I own authentic lv bag and i used it going to palengke, our bukid or evrywhere and i dont wven bother to dress mayaman, and darn my baby dog, eats my bag. The handle. Thats heartbreaking. But i love my dog than my authentic lv bag.

  49. Hi.

    I own an LV Bag here and carry it around wherever I go. I only have one LV Bag and wherever I go, it should go with me. Replica or Original seems like I dont care since you can rarely see people carrying an LV bag. I never seen one while walking on the streets except for my one to two office mates.

  50. Hey, nice blog! I am browsing LV online checking for something to buy because I think, given all the hard work I did, at 47, I deserve to have an LV. Before I read this blog, my staff and I are laughing loudly to the idea of me carrying an original LV while riding a tricycle or a jeepney! Anyway, just like others here, I buy original cheaper brands like Guess, Charles and Keith, Samsonite, Celine, LeDonne, Girbaud, etc. as long as they are of good quality rather than replica of more expensive brands. I feel classy in my own way.

  51. In short, pag may mamahalin kayong bag, dapat gamitin nyo nang muka talaga kayong mayaman. Hahaha pero for me i dont care. Kasi may mga tao na talagang pinag iipunan ang LV bags. Kahit middle class lang sila 🙂

  52. eh kasi ang daming affected. mas na entertain ako masyado sa mga comments. this article though is definitely a good read…regardless kung sino ang may dala ng authentic at fake, when you buy an original LV bag, it comes with a certificate of authenticity and staple it with the receipt. and sobrang easy to detect ng fake even without looking at the person who wears it.

    1. I think what matters most is you are are happy with what you have . May it be the original or replica. It’s alright.why not have the authentic if one just can afford and want to spend her money… It’s no big deal.

    2. There is no certificate of authenticity if you buy an original lv bag just a small paper the size of a calling card ,,, one blog that says a store that claims to give cert of authenticity could be a counterfeit

  53. i had fun reading your article… some points are true but it depends upon the person if one can afford buying suthentic or not, Honestly i owned more than 10 aithentic LV bags and all bought here abroad and its all authentic cuz i dont buy replicas but i dont judge those who did cuz if that makes them happy then why not, but back to the philippines im using my lv bag in the mall using main entrance and i do go to ” palengke” with me olympe monogram which u can never seen in replicas cuz its too pricey, and i do walk with my kids without yaya, i dont own car and i use jeep hehhehehe but i own all authentic lv bags, for my oppinion to know the bag is original or not, dont see the owner see the bag itself cuz u will really can see if its fake or real if u really know how to spot, anyway nice article gudluck

  54. I dont think this is accurate.. I ride public transpos, I do carry my shopping bags. I dont have my own yaya, my own driver. But then, i own two original LV bags bought by my mom who works abroad.

    1. who said it should be accurate? this is an essay meant to entertain. but i guess, authorial intent is almost always never respected. it’s a myth.

  55. Im going to market with my gucci bag (original) and i dont think that carrying a plastic bag would make your bag fake…

  56. As I read the comments here it seem’s like only the rich can afford,there are also people in mid class who can afford if they relly want it! It’s just a matter of saving for something that you relly want.anyway why should other people gave a damned care to those who had a fake designer’s stuffs?!it’s their choice,happiness and contentment.if two girls sitting side by side then they have designer’s bag on their shoulder the other one is real the other is fake are they going to fight?hmmmmmm i dont think so they are happy happy w/ what they have but im pretty sure the one w/ the real bag will rise her eyebrow hehehehe….

  57. well…don’t be deceived on your perception…we live in world where impossible are possible…….. I carried a “dada” bag when purchasing a Gucci birthday gift..I’m an ofw,if only me I will not buy it, it’s worth a fortune…but like I said,it’s a gift…lucky me…..

  58. Hi there! I think your article was really funny. In some ways I do agree that you’re right, but in others I agree with the reader who said that you really have to look at the bag itself to find out.

    For those people out there who have designer replicas – if you’re able to carry it and it looks authentic on you, then good for you!

    To people who carry replicas and are open about it, I don’t see anything wrong with that too. At least you’re honest.

    Personally, I’d rather buy a cheaper bag that’s authentic. Lol. If I could only afford a Guess bag rather than an LV bag, then I’d go for the Guess bag. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about what other people would think of me (Let’s admit it, people who use replicas and try to pass it off as authentic do care about what other people think about them). And if they say it’s fake, I’ll just slap them with it. LOL. I’m kidding!!!

  59. I have a friend. She’s loaded but frugal. She has impeccable taste in quality and has few bags. Only four in fact which she rotates. One is an LV bag she bought it in her twenties and still use today (she’s 32 now). She does her own manicures saying salon prices are outrageous (she lives in the US). She carries her own stuff because hey, maids are expensive in that country.

    She does not wear make up and is very low maintenance. She drives an old model car that runs perfectly fine. If she were to take a stroll in the mall carrying her LV bag and we’ll use your basis for identifying whether it’s fake or not, chances are you’ll say it’s fake.

    I’m saying there are a lot of classes and categories you can stuff people in but yeah
    these days when i see people toting high end designer bags I can only think class A, super A, replica, 1:1..which is it?

    When I see an old patinad LV bag “ukay ukay” comes to mind ha!

    then again if one has ten replica LV bags that eventually break down and are totally without resell value I’d say save up for an original because designer bags are an investment. Just saying.

    oh what the..go go…get those darned replicas! life is too short and happiness can be bought!

  60. I bring around my kid yaya’s practically everywhere I take my kid, I use the entrance from the parking lot, I am a lawyer, and I never commute, but I do not have a designer bag because I cannot afford it. If I buy one, our family will probably starve. I came across this blog because I’m thinking of buying a FAKE designer’s bag, and thinking that I could probably fool people like this writer into thinking that it’s actually authentic. LOL

    1. Hahaha nice one! Go ahead and buy fakes. They’ll never know it esp if you’re the one that’s carrying it.

  61. I don’t understand articles like these, to be honest. What is it to you if someone is carrying a fake bag? Can someone enlighten me? It is their money, it is their bag. It has got nothing to do with me or you whatsoever.

  62. Hi there,

    I know this is an old post but I just happened to stumble across it while searching for designer bags and I just had to read it.

    It’s entertaining and yet stereotypical in a sense but with all its humorous clauses. It is by all means, an opinion and therefore it can’t be right or wrong. I love the way you start off the article with a little story to hook us readers, because it worked. I was totally hooked.

    Also I just want to comment about some of the things I read from the reader’s comments. It’s amazing that people are rich enough to own these designer bags and I am a little envious (not because they have bags; but because they’re rich enough to own one or two, if not more.) I don’t own any designer bags, whatsoever, and I don’t know if I ever will. I know I will never purchase one because with its prices, I can do so much more with it. Like paying off my student loan.

    To those who are disgusted by people who wear fake designer bags, I just have to say, “Get a grip of yourself.” Styles isn’t about what’s real and what’s not. It’s about having the elegance, confidence and pride with what’s on your body. “Style” should be an art and creativity; not brands. We as a mass has fallen into the depth of consumerism and soon our younger generations will pay for it, if not us in our lifetime. And one of the biggest reasons why you see so many designer bags on younger women and men is because of these credit cards that is now easier to obtain than ever. So technically, those who own one or two or more bags and is flaunting them, but is high in debt, is nothing more than a shell. The ones that are carrying these fake bags, are most likely, if not already true, is richer than you.

    My comments are not meant to be offensive to anybody. I have a tendency to ramble on and I apologize.

    Thank you again for the good read.

  63. haha i find this post entertaining.:) what entertains me more were the comments.:) why would the owners of the authentic bags get pissed is beyond my understanding. the point is you carry an authentic. and that’s it, no explanations nor justifications needed. besides, this is YOUR opinion and YOUR observation. give the man a break. i enjoyed your article.:)

    1. They don’t sound pissed to me. They’re just pointing out how the author made assumptions that don’t apply to them or to people they know. Both the post and the comments are very entertaining, I must say.

  64. It is not correct to judge if the bag is fake or not by judging the carrier. It should be the bag and the material used. Silly! haha I have a friend who is a son of a CEO but he carries a Prada bag even if he takes the train (just so he makes it in the office on time).

  65. Four years later and still stinging! Lol. Good job, sir!
    I don’t know what’s funnier, the article or the inane comments. ;D
    Some or so riled up it’s almost sad, really. Dare I say pathetic. Just proves that money can’t buy you everything, such as wit, humor,-a brain maybe!
    I actually happened upon your article researching the brand as I was considering getting my first, having recently become upwardly mobile so to speak. Call me a snob if you will but I’m having second thoughts now. For some reason I’m associating being ‘stylish’ with ‘dumb’ in my head. . Lol. Not that all ‘stylish’ folks are dumb but it appears to me that people here who say they know how to be ‘stylish’ compensate for their humourlessness with expensive things!

  66. I agree with the writer when he said that his list is “idiotic”. Moronic is more like it. This is utter bigotry by a painfully ignoramus writer.

    1. the writer of this post, however, thinks that what is even more painfully moronic is the gall of those people, who do not have any sense of irony, to muster the courage to criticize abrasively and leave nasty comments here so as to hint that they are one of those poor owners of one (or a million, it does not matter) LV bags.

      stop taking everything you read at face value. this text definitely is not for you, whose exposure to written text is limited to your monthly subscription to Candy or Cosmopolitan.

      I have no intention of being rude, but it appears that for a lot of people, comprehending irony could be that of a challenge.

      it’s disconcerting.

  67. as long as you know yourself you’re carrying an original there’s no problem…it’s their problem anyway…:D Much better if we buy our own local brand. Buy Filipino Product.

    Peace. 😀

    1. Buy LOCAL, hear, hear!

      Now if only we had a local bag brand with the cachet of a Hermes or LV or Coach or whatever.

  68. Funny but I kinda don’t agree. I had an LV wallet when i was in HS and when I got to college, I had two LV handbags too. They’re all given by my dad so you really can’t say that teenagers do carry fake ones. With regards to coming from the parking lot, I do drive my own car too but then sometimes, I just take the cab or have my brother drive for me. So you see, you really can’t tell not unless it’s too obvious judging by the clothes of the owner or the poor quality of the bag. You still have to scrutinize the bag carefully before you can judge them.:)

  69. Really, this article should be entitled “How to judge a person if she’s really rich or not”. I’m an LV collector and if you want to spot a fake or real LV bag, you look at the bag and NOT at the person. Otherwise, you just come across ignorant & very judgmental.

  70. hi, nabasa ko tong article mo,, nice naman, pero, bakit ako isa akong estudyante, pero may business at the same time, meron akong authentic na LV, hindi nga lang brandnew preowned lang sya pero atleast authentic pa rin, wala naman cguro masama na maglakad ka o pumunta ka sa mall na wala kanbg katulong na kasama, or mag grocery ka at bitbit mo yung plastick bag, at wala rin naman cguro masama kung wala kang kotse at kahit mag taxi ka lang right? kung hindi ka naman tlaga collector ng authentic designer bag, kahit cguro sa itchura palang alam muna yung peke sa hindi lalo sa lv, ibang klase mag oxidized ang fake compare to authentic lv. 🙂

  71. This blog is funny and true to some filipinos. I do own a prada and 3 LV bags but I still ride the public transpo when my hubby is not around.I don’t always bring my daughter’s nanny with me so that I can spend more quality time with my kiddo. Fake or not…it wouldn’t matter as long as you’re happy with it.

  72. Your idea is obsolete. Gone are the days when only the super rich and the old can afford genuine designer stuff. Nowadays, young call center team leaders, IT people, budding lawyers, young real estate brokers, etc… who live and work in the Philippines can afford designer stuff. Besides, some LV’s are not that expensive. Tip to avoid bankruptcy : You only use your EXCESS money to buy what you WANT.

    I own 3 Metro Manila properties and 2 vehicles at the moment, BUT I do not own a designer bag. hahaha… funny right? I’m tempted to buy one, but I’m still doing my research… so I stumbled upon your blog.

    1. yeah, could never agree more. this was written so many years ago. if there is something it still serves, it’s dry humor.

  73. hahaha this post is funny.. Good observation although it doesn’t apply to everybody. Siguro majority lang. I actually think this way sometimes pag nsa mall ako. And yes, it makes sense. 🙂 Pero hindi nga nman sa lahat. But your post is entertaining.

  74. “If it’s carried by a high school girl, it’s a fake.”

    not all, hindi lahat ng highschool o sama na natin college ay fake ang dala. what if binigay ng parents nila? my girlfriend has an authentic LV given to her by her mother. and she rides public transpo and uses main entrance of the mall.

  75. nice blog dami kong tawa 🙂 i dont have yaya for my daughter, i use the main entrance of the mall and i even ride public transpo but i have and love my designer bags like lv speedy 25 and 30, mark jacobs, prada … 🙂
    keep on writing 🙂

  76. i love your way of skillful way of writing. I am a fan of designer bags however, I loved (for the lack of a more profound word) how you managed to make your point.

  77. I’m a highschool student and I own an LV vintage bag, my mom gave me for my birthday when I was in Grade 6, which she used a long time ago. I broke the strap and she slapped me and went to LV in greenbelt for the replacement of the strap. It costs around 7k or more. Does that mean it’s fake?

    What about my sister? Who’s a grade 9 student and she carries a Goyard St. Louis. Is that fake also? 🙂

    1. Maisee,

      I think you failed to completely grasp the nuances of this article or possibly any possible commentary on society.

      If you are a high school student and you’re using a vintage Louis Vuitton, then great. But that does not make my commentary entirely wrong. Nor did I make it appear as if it was entirely right. In the Philippines, you’re an exception rather than rule.

    1. lol. it’s not my intention to have people agreeing with everything that i write.

      as regards bitterness, should i be bitter because other people have guts to go around with their knocked off luxury items? lol.

      thanks for taking time to read.

  78. i dont agree of the things you said i own a house and a car and all my bags are branded i have 2 kids 14 and 17 of age . We dont have a maid and a driver, so do you wonder why? we have a hotel and a restaurant .

  79. hi, i enjoyed reading… it was really fun

    actually, i use an LV replica bag, but i care less if it is.. it was a gift, and the quality and design is nice so i use it everyday… i wouldn’t buy an original anyway, or a fake one for five thousand bucks… i’d rather spend it on travels around the country…

    we all know that the best things in life are free…


    1. for sure they are. but the most important things are those we pay dearly for.

      i am happy you enjoyed reading this, arlene.

      by the way, what makes a replica bag? 😉

  80. Nice article. I definitely agree, it is partially true. It’s funny how some people get offended but if you really read it and understand the blog, it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Let’s face it some people try so hard and live beyond their means. But hey if you really want something, you do something about it, save up and buy it! Don’t settle buying fakes. Go for the real thing! This luxury brands are worth the investment!

  81. I found your article quite comical and a plausible method to tell if its fake or real. If you are applying this to just in a Philippine mall then it may apply, however some points you mentioned went applied to the western world aren’t correct. For instants point 1 -I am a college student and I own a Louis V. bag that is very unique and not seen anyone alts have one which applies with point 3. I have this bag because my dad is the one with money and bought it for me as a present. It is original as it has the printed slogan and logo on the inside and i have the original certificate to claim its real. You never know what type of school girl is walking through the door or what her background is. I also have a gucci bag thats vintage from my mum when she was little. I laughed because I realised that this is what people must do in order to tell if its real or not and i must get judged a lot as sometimes i need to do the shopping at tesco’s or sainsburies on the way home from college or work and ill be there with my gucci bag and tesco’s shopping bag. People must think my stuff is fake but i couldn’t care as what makes me happy is that I know its real. I would never want a counterfeit branded item. When I see them I think there disgusting because then I feel like im a counterfeit to for buying one. Not judging anyone thats just my opinion on how i feel have a fake item. I guess the point i’m trying to make is that the list works and its plausible but doesn’t work with every one. Then again thats true with everything but I liked the article. 😀

    1. june,

      i made sure that the context of this post is my country. for people who do not use knock offs, i think that your
      reaction to this article is right. there should be no reason for people to feel offended upon reading this.

      i am happy that you liked this article. thank you so much for dropping by.

    1. thanks jerelyn for dropping by and for leaving a comment. all the best. you seem to be very happy. cheers!

  82. So i really can’t understand why people who read what you wrote above took it too seriously. really now.

  83. it gives me a glimmer of hope when there are people like you who can still distinguish parody from a matter-of-factly truth. this one is the former.

  84. I was smiling all the way, reading your post. Funny!

    I won’t ever use fake goods, especially bags, because it bugs me that I saved up my money (I fall into the ‘middle-income group’) to buy an original designer bag, only to see the exact (fake!) copy on the arm of another woman!

    How do I know it’s fake? I just look at her shoes. If you can spend a lot of money on a bag, you would also do the same for shoes. It just makes sense.

    Oh, and by the way, Victoria Beckham was once caught using a fake LV. She said it was a gift and she didn’t know that it was fake. (She compensated for that lapse by owning the most number of Hermes Birkin bags in world!)

    1. My LVs are authentic from LV Australia & Greenbelt but im not into shoes.. I buy decent branded shoes but not designers shoes. Di rin cguro basehan suot na shoes if authentic ang bag.

    1. thanks if you appreciated it. most of truthful things are in some ways also funny when they’re written down.

  85. Wrote about the same topic when I heard a news report here in Guam regarding the raid on Greenhills regarding fake bags….some tips there to know if its an original LV or not

  86. Every time I come to you have another exciting post up to read. One of my friends was talking to me about this topic several weeks ago, so I think I will e-mail them the link here and see what they say.

  87. @Anonymous
    you can tell if its a fake by the way the logo is printed onto the bag or how the handle falls when it is leg go. you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and you can’t judge a bag by its owner.

  88. accdg to my friend who owns her travel agency, they have been advising their clientelle to be careful cuz with the rampant proliferation of LV knockoffs in particular, serial numbers issued with these purses are regional, so when customs specially here in the US may ask you where it was purchase and things don’t jibe, it could be trouble.. ….i had a friend who’s kid was held just bringing in three pirated CD’s…which was the basis of my paranoia.>>:)

  89. i went home recently and needed an extra luggage for my way back to the states, went to greenhills and purchased a fake LV luggage which roughly cost me 1500 pesos, and it even came with a small carryon bag.
    Meanwhile when i met up with old friends and discussed with them my fake find , they warned me of the possibility of being held in customs and worst incarceration. I had my husband going to SM and buy a legit american tourister luggage for almost 200 dollars and left the luggage with my in laws.
    Moral of the story…. a bag is a bag is a bag….:P

  90. mike, thanks for dropping by here. i’ll be busy this evening responding to your comments.

    we’re two less materialistic people, nothing vain, very practical. hahaha.

    i’m happy you enjoyed reading this.

  91. this is a witty write.

    I agree… you don’t have to be rich in order to write something that triggers the consumption these luxury goods.

    I am also amazed at how these materialistic people try to defend their consumption patterns. This is an essay full of wits based on the daily observation of the author.

    As in my case, I don’t care much whether I sport branded products, what I am after for is it suits the purpose 🙂

    I enjoyed this a lot. 🙂

  92. LV is only an example. But in any case, i’ve already said what i have to say regarding this article. i can’t write in the perspective of a rich girl who can really afford to buy a vuitton but who looks like a housemaid in a mansion at forbes makati. if you think you can do that better, because you are one, feel free to leave a link here.

    by the way, this comment is not a response to the last commenter.

    thanks, camsy.

  93. LOL at the How To! And the mad reactions!!! Hahahahaha!

    But really, I have a friend working at LV in Greenbelt, and a lot of people who aren’t as rich actually buy original LV hand bags – even if they have counterfeit counterparts in Greenhills. Typecasting in mind, many of those who buy original LV’s actually look like they can’t afford one!

    Some may be bag collectors, LV enthusiasts, while some may see it as worthy investments. An LV bag’s market value increases as it gets older, because it becomes a classic or a limited edition. It’s like collecting action figures or comics. 🙂

    1. i’m poor, and i do not own any luxury bag. but not owning one does not mean i am too ignorant and dumb to see and comment on realities around me. all the best, bling bling.

      by the way, i do NOT wear fake.

  94. i had a good time reading your post on how to spot a fake one from the real one. really,but i was laughing my ass off when i read the rest of the blog. now guys don’t take everything seriously, nobody’s judging you whether you’re using the real ones or not.
    anyway, i had a good laugh and that’s what matters…
    have a good day everyone and a merry Christmas too.

  95. sad, if not ‘funny’ experience you have there. filipinos are simple people who’ll give you a hard time defining.

  96. I am really frustrated at these people selling fake luxury items and the ones buying them. If you cannot afford it, don’t buy it. Live within your means. A lot of people live a life of pretend. I met a lot of kapwa-pinoys here in the US and i’m embarrassed. Everybody is “rich” or feels like rich. It got me thinking maybe their definition of rich means working for somebody and driving a Scion, Ford, Honda and whatnot. I actually met this girl who’s been here for literally 3 days thru fiancee visa, and she can’t speak bisaya anymore. What an idiot! I talked to her in bisaya and she answers in english, wth! Are you kidding me? Her english was so bad, it almost ruined my eardrums. I was disgusted. Seriously.

    1. LOL ! Especially about the English…… I heard a Filipino , in a very loud voice at that, say… Pilip ( Philip ), this is cheap, pipty pibe lang. ( Fifty five ) My eardrums exploded.

  97. Enjoyed this a lot. Brought a smile to my face as it reminds me of my childhood in the Philippines. I know this is an informal article, but I think that you’ve brought up a very interesting way to look at Filipino society. I do agree that the class system there is very important to the higher classes.

    I remember always having nannies with us while at the mall (BTW, Shangri La was one of my favorites. Always went to the Ripley’s there), and had our driver wait near the entrance to the parking structure with all the other drivers. He would be given bags of goodies to tote back to the car several times so we could shop some more. I also remember the families that we were friends with. The fathers all wore Lacoste polos and the mothers all carried Italian handbags. In fact, I don’t recall having any friends who didn’t have their own nanny or a whole staff of people at their house.

    Of course, the US is a totally different animal, and I do find that high class Americans don’t feel the need to prove their wealth by wearing logos everywhere they go. In San Francisco at least, this rings true for wealthy whites and some asians, especially if they are older. I still see younger asians and Filipinas carrying designer handbags with logos a-blazing. Perhaps the mentality carried over to Filipino society here?

  98. I so love this i will try to notice next time i go out shopping, but i disagree with the part of the high school girl. I am acually a ninth grader and i have already 3 original Louis Vuittons. Of course i didnt buy them my grandmother bought me my first one and my mother has bought me the other two. But still Originaland i am not even yet in high school. Still love this though.

  99. ah basta… i really want to own at least 5 authentic branded bags someday (rather than a car)! hahaha… And I will work hard for it…

    As Samantha would say in Sex and the City what her Hermes’ Birkin signifies… it means, “she’s made it!!!”

  100. ha ha ha.
    So you think i take things too seriously? Come on.

    Just because i wrote the word ‘idiotic’, now you ‘marveled at the possibilities of variegated perceptions.’ Since when people see things in black and white only?

    Satire and melodrama, you put them here together.

    oh btw, bago ko makalimutan, salamat sa pagbasa ng comment ko. napahanga mo ako sa sagot mo.

    all the best too.

  101. myepinoy,

    i am trying to understand your problem, but it’s beyond me; you take things too seriously. this post is never meant to be taken as such. after reading your lengthy response, and thanks by the way for reading, i couldn’t help but marvel at the possibilities of variegated perceptions. and it occurred to me that there are people whose idea of a satire is a melodrama.

    all the best.

  102. Like what Melanie Marquez said, you cannot judge my brother because he is not a book.

    Kidding aside, the basis by which to tell the original from fake as enumerated here are idiotic, not even close to elementary.

    If you consider the million OFWs, the folks who work on the outsourcing industries and those pinoys who go for ‘identity thing’ (kahit di kumain ng isang buwan), you’ll realize that those you listed above are 99.99 idiotic and way too Jurassic.

    Take the case of those pinoys working in the households of the king, the royalties and the uber rich saudi, maso-sorpresa ka na marami sa kanila or members of their family ay mayroon authentic na ‘Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace and all other Italian brands whose price…’ ang dahilan: ipinamimigay lang ang mga ito pag ayaw na at di na type or di na ginagamit. pag minsan itinatapon na lang. Doon sa place they call haraj (parang ukay ukay) in ksa, you’ll find these items around 10 riyals/120php (pag medyo may gasgas) to 200 riyals (pag medyo walang tama). And mind you, even westerners are going to this place for a good find.

    Also, given the fact that anyone can own original LV item for as much USD290.00 only. And why do think many pinoys own expensive cell phones, electronic gadgets, and toys and drink starbucks coffee on regular basis?

    Anyhow, this post is the blogger’s opinion (not a decree by the king) and thus, it should be taken in context (whether idiotic or logical). As stated, “Now here’s an elementary (if not an idiotic)” way by which to tell the fake from the original. And that saved him from being… never mind. The author got what he wanted, the readers attention.

  103. Lol at the serious comments up there.

    Call it idiotic, stupid, materialistic… WHATEVER.

    All I know is I enjoyed this post and it has some bit of truth to it. Although not always applicable to everyone, but if one is observant enough, one might consider this being partially true.

    Witty post you got here. 🙂

  104. hi, i absolutly LOVE your article.
    I think it’s great and very enjoyable to read. I showed all my friends your artice and we all totally agree with you as your talking about the filipino.
    Again i think your article is great, it’s very creative.
    Nice work

  105. I completely agree with you. If you noticed, the people who are offended by this article are the “teens from NY” or the “cabin crew from the middle east.” John Ryan’s article pertains to the common person walking around Shangri-la mall. What he said about a LV purse as an equivalent to a year’s salary for the common filipino (LIVING IN THE PHILIPPINES) is very true. He’s just stating a fact that’s all, and can tell you he’s 98% accurate in his observations. But of course, John Ryan, you also forgot about those people ARE carrying authentic brand name purses and clothing, who look like high society, but is in huge DEBT. Oh what people do to keep up with the Joneses.

  106. Hahaha, DJ. Thanks for responding on my behalf. But i guess I have not adequately replied to all the comments or I was just trying to be nice.

    In any case, thanks for spending your time here.

  107. I wonder why people are taking this post as a ‘definitive guide’ to spotting a fake LV. I could have understood some of their reactions had the article been written by a fashion blogger.

    Why so serious?

    “Your views were offensive and very shallow.” Why will you be offended if in the first place, the article doesn’t apply to you (as an original LV-toting guy)?

    “You need to widen your perspective and maybe you need to travel more often to see that what you see here in the Philippines is far different from what you can see in most of the first world countries”

    Travel widens perspective, I agree. But what perspective are we talking about here if you who have travelled the world cannot get the PERSPECTIVE of this post? (that the context of this post is the Philippines…) (yeah, it doesn’t follow)

    And how as a reader can I have peace if I’m reading a comment like this? (or was it intended for the writer?


    Let’s lighten up.

    (myself included)

  108. using the level of observed moisture on a woman’s face, as is the system i used, is also highly ‘intuitive’, to use your term.

    i read you post, full of funny witticism. write on.

  109. Forgot to add, here in Singapore where there’s a sizable bourgeois population and it’s virtually impossible sometimes to identify who is loaded and who is not, one key determinant in spotting fakes and not is the hair of the woman. That or whether she moisturizes her face and other grooming specifics. I mean why would a woman forgo her physical appearance for the sake of a bag that costs a year-long pedi/mani+ weekly salon trips?

  110. hey butch,

    i understand your disagreement with the system i used in this post to differentiate a fake louis vuitton from phonies. they are shallow (idiotic was the word i used) but i leave the judgment on my readers. this is in no way to berate owners of these bags or those carrying fake ones. the system may not work, or it may. but i believe that if it has not captured the subtleties, it remained true to the generalities it was based on. my observation on how filipinos act is something you cannot simply brush off as not carefully thought of.

    this is an informal essay, not an academic paper. i could’ve presented you a more detailed result, more serious treatment, more encompassing conclusion had this been a scientific essay. it is not.

    thanks for reading. peace to you too, brother.

  111. I would say that your observation on how to spot a fake louis vuitton’s were quiet shallow and very subjective.

    LV is not as expensive as other brands like Chanel and Hermes, nonetheless the brand Louis Vuitton speaks for itself.

    An LV Speedy 30 whether Monogram or Damier costs less than Php 35,000. And people now especially young professionals opted to buy the original ones. Of course, fake bags and other luxury stuffs will likely to end up everywhere but you can’t just judge a person holding an original bag with a plastic bags on her other hand. Most of us, cabin crew from the middle east have more than 10 Louis Vuitton’s and other luxury brands but still maintains our humbleness, riding on a cab or going on MRT’s during our short layover trips to Manila.

    Your views were offensive and very shallow. Gone were the days where you judge people on how they look or wear then firmly say they are rich or poor. You need to widen your perspective and maybe you need to travel more often to see that what you see here in the Philippines is far different from what you can see in most of the first world countries.

    People who have the buying power whether he or she looks like a vendor can buy stuff you or me can’t afford. Time changes and before you know it, people can buy all the stuff you just wanted to have.

    That’s all…

    Peace brother…

  112. I can’t see the significance of this article, I came from a middle class family and I owned 4 authentic LV bags and Multicolore Wallet, 2 Gucci bags, Salvatore Ferragamo bag and Moschino Shoes, i’m pointing out that not all Filipina are toting fakes around and what’s up with the woman having children around without nanny, well dear I stroll in SM Southmall with my gucci bag and my children with me. Haven’t youve heard about this saying Real rich people dont show off, they remain quite for what they have.

    1. thanks for sharing. you’ve got a lot of those things. nice.

      my list of ways to spot a not is probably flawed as far as your experience is concerned, but for the rest and the majority, the truth it says is undeniable.

      thanks for reading.

  113. You dont have to be rich to carry a Louis Vuitton bag. Bags start at around $400 USD so its not hard to believe ANYONE can afford even one “luxury” bag. It’s called saving.

  114. But you see, Louis Vuitton more than representing the presence of ‘style’ in a person is a representation of the financial capability of that person to buy an expensive purse. So that line about high school girls refers to them being unable to buy a real one because they cannot afford it, not because they lack style.

    Thanks for the response. 😉

  115. I liked the article… except for the part where you started saying “How to tell if a Louis Vuitton is fake.”
    I am in high school and I have about ten REAL, Authentic Louis Vuitton purses. So… I disagree with that one.. Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we don’t have style! anyways, nice article!

    (No negativity intended) 🙂

  116. Yeah, true. Thanks Renee, but if you read it clearly, the context of this post is the Philippines. But yes, New York is different where earning a salary of a week or two, or even less is already enough to pay for a bag that costs more than a year of toil in Manila, for example.

    1. I own several
      “runway” clothes and when I’m done with them, I sell them , not donate. Just too expensive too give away. And I worked hard so I could buy these dresses. Anyway, at that store, they sell second hand signature bags. Price tag is $ 750. I own an LV that I bought in San Francisco for $ 1,250.. with my credit card that took me about a year to pay, lol. Well’, I’m a student with a part-time job. By the way, fake stuff are also sold in the Middle east. They are usually patronized by Filipino workers there. Just a thought, if you cannot afford it, don’t buy fakes. It’s illegal. Authentic, local brands are just as good. Also in Europe. they sell fake purses, but don’t get caught buying them from these vendors. ( I saw a lot of these vendors in Italy.) One tourist was caught buying one for 25 Euros, and was fined 1000 Euros. I suspect it ‘s a trap.

      And John, except for 2 or 3 points that you had mentioned here, I have to admit it’s a bit snobbish, but I’m afraid the rest are more or less true. ( in Philippine context……. here in the US, we don’t really care. ) It’s hilarious, though. Great post ! ! It’s a pity I’m too late, lol .

  117. i really dont think this is correct for all cases today .. becasue not everyone likes to dress fancy nd have a nanny for each child nd whats up with the entrance thing .. people have personal drivers too u know nd teens if u look at teens in the upper east side they own designer bags ,desighnerclothes, and more so i dont think this was very helpfull….or acurate at all maybe in other states or countries but not new york …

  118. i really dont think this is correct for all cases today .. becasue not everyone like to dress fancy nd have a nanny for each child nd whats up wiht the entrance thing .. people have personal drivers too u know nd teens if u look at teens in teh upper east side they own designer bags clothing and more so i dont think this was very helpfull….or acurate

    1. Thanks for reading and for using those images to describe the reading of this post.

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