On the President’s boob job

Kayong mga lalake, alam niyo naman tingnan kung ang babae nagpa-retoke. (You would know whether a woman has breast augmentation). Res ipsa loquitur,” Remonde told male reporters using a legal term that means “the thing speaks for itself.”

He added: “Si Presidente ba mukha na iyong tipo ng babae na magpapaganun (Is the President the type of woman who would do that [breast augmentation])?”

The press secretary then changed his statement and admitted that Mrs. Arroyo did have breast augmentation 20 years ago but denied the rumor that the silicone implants are leaking.


It would have not come as a shock if it was a teenager whose breast augmentation went awry. That teenage girl, we reason, is just a victim (and an eventual part of the statistics) of the media frenzy to look like ramp models in a Victoria’s Secret presentation. So instead we direct our ire to the doctors who conducted the failed operation that now causes irreparable damage to that girl’s psychological and social growth.

Being generally progressive, I see nothing wrong with somebody altering her physical appearance if this means a boost in self esteem and a better positive self image. Well, I will be honest to say that the news of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo having gynecological problems as a result of a boob job she has undergone twenty years ago has this shock appeal. It was shocking, of course because she is the president. But the people having been bombarded with news that are beyond normal these days, the boob job will just plateau as in all other controversies.

I say it is more amusing than shocking.


5 thoughts on “On the President’s boob job”

  1. And according to him yours ‘definitively destroyed’ his play. Hahaha. The coolness of his response is worth-mentioning, though. I’ll be posting my reviews of the last four plays I watched later.

    By the way, there’s a Japanese Film Festival in shangrila mall this time…I wonder how they will be different from the French films.

  2. ey dude david finigan playwright of hate restaurants commented on my “review” of his play. lol. he also did on yours.

    1. Hi there nikos. I’m being caught between my thoughts these days that arresting them by writing them down is really hard. I’m online almost all the time. How are you doing there? I hope that Thais are not harsh on you and they’re treating you well. Hahaha.

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