“Art Along the Riles”–LRT at ang Buhay Pinoy

I took these pictures almost a month ago using my camera phone. The takes are not good because of my bad camera and the inadequate afternoon light in Cubao LRT station. If you’re interested to see the paintings, the artworks, together with 108 other pre-qualified paintings, are on display at the gallery until July 31, after which copies of all 12 winning entries may be viewed at selected LRT stations.



The paintings, according to Melquiades Robles, showed the artists’ insights on the metro’s train system.

“The different artworks that were submitted were a touching depiction of how the LRTA has affected the lives of so many of our commuters as they use the LRT every day,” he said.

The competition, participated by 315 professional and emerging artists, was organized by the LRTA, in partnership with the Philippine Association of Printmakers Inc., in time for the train agency’s 29th anniversary.


2 thoughts on ““Art Along the Riles”–LRT at ang Buhay Pinoy”

    1. Sa pagkaka-alam ko, oo. I think, parang tulad ng what we are seeing this time sa mga LRT stations na mga mural-sized posters ng disaster coordinating council. Or something like that.

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