What an ordinary morning’s like…

So I forced myself to wake up at seven this morning assaulted by my incessant cellphone alarm I stupidly placed near my feet last night that prompted me to contort my body to such unnatural shape just to kill the effing phone off. I begged to extend my sleep for fifteen minutes. But before I knew it, it was almost eight o’clock. I scurried to the bathroom, took a bath as hurriedly as I could, and dried my body with a towel.

I already forgot the last time I brought this mangly gray-to-almost-black towel (the reason for the choice of color is already apparent by this time) to the laundry shop. We’re supposed to be clean when we use a towel after bathing, right? I do not see the need for frequent washing except for formality or our need to conform to a society that arbitrarily sets irrational mores on cleanliness.

Cup of Coffee

Deciding that the cold water that squirted from the shower was not potent enough to bring me back to my senses, I boiled a mug of water to which I dissolved two packs of instant coffee and attempted to gorge the entire vat of semi-boiling water hot enough to make a stew out of my esophagus. My throat is not made of stainless steel as to allow the passage of gushing murky instant coffee solution unscathed, this I realized rather late. So to make use of my time wisely while waiting for the coffee’s perfect temperature, not scalding hot but definitely not deathly cold, I brushed my teeth that totally defeated the purpose of brushing after meal and right after the teeth-staining coffee drinking bout. Oh well.

I then proceeded to the nearly paranoiac thoroughness of checking and making sure that all appliances are already unplugged, as my landlord constantly reminds me that I forget all the time to switch off the light in the bathroom or leave my computer plugged and running while I sleep talk in my sleep during the night. Satisfied, I then ran to the elevator and waited for eternity for it to arrive. Because the slow elevator gave me a premonition of a boring day ahead, I went back to my unit to bring a book with me only to discover that I forgot to turn the light off in the living room, again. Aaargh!


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