How it feels to be stuck while history happens

I’m working while history is being made outside. I’m stuck inside the concrete walls of my workplace while people outside harangued and protested against the glaring rottenness of this administration. I’m finding a living while I am supposed to be involved in this very important milestone in my country’s history. But what can I probably do? 

Such is the sad fate of most young people today. Yes, we know we are resp0onsible in deciding the direction this country is going but we are compelled to work, to be more pragmatic if not practical, to look after the more immediate needs of our family and ourselves. The rest of the population cannot accuse us of apathy because we are deeply involved. Only that we cannot afford to give up our jobs and participate.

So here I am making use of my precious free time in between work to write about something I may not have personally witnessed but which I personally feel strongly about. While demonstrators are picketing outside Batasan as the President Gloria Arroya is delivering her State of the Nation Address, what I can only do is read news and the content of her SONA and to make commentaries, as if these commentaries really matter. I can only make use of what technology provides. I may just be several meters away from Batasan but the distace between me and the place is magnified a million times by my responsibilities in my job.

As I am reading the trascript of her speech, I can sense nothing but lies and deceptions. It must have sounded even more blatantly untruthful while she was delivering her lines written for her by her best speech writers. But somebody need not be an expert in these affairs to know that she, the president, is lying. Her poker face barely hid them.

President Arroyo may not have categorically said she will step down from office come May 2010 in her SONA, but one thing I can only assure, I’ll do whatever I can to make sure she will leave the office when her term expires even if it means I’ll have to miss work.


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