I slept at 2 last night and woke up at 8 this morning, ignoring my alarm set at 7 am. My head was killing me, my nose was dripping like the leaking faucet in the bathroom, my portable thermometer registered a body temperature of 38.2, and I was starving. I took off the clothes I wore last night which I forgot to change before I slept because of exhaustion, and took a shower. The ice-cold water that came out of the shower head shocked and almost killed me. It took me less than five minutes to be done with the ordeal.


The towel draped around my waist, I tiptoed around the house, went to the kitchen and boiled water for my morning coffee.Then I hurriedly removed a clean shirt from the bag of freshly laundered clothes that arrived yesterday and wore a pair of used jeans drawn from the laundry basket. While doing this, I gulped the scalding hot coffee enough to cause second degree burn to my palate.  I bargained as I was already definitely late for my 9:30 part time work at Makati. While checking my emails, thank heavens my internet connection was on top speed, my vision went dark. I knew I’ll never make it.

Still I then ran to the elevator and made a futile attempt to work. I was so sick. Staring at my reflection on the mirror panneling I knew right there and then that going to Makati while it’s drizzling outside and my body temperature increasing my leaps and bounds was already next to impossible. I let my body collapsed to the lounge sofa.

For the longest time I didn’t feel as defeated as I am feeling today. But what is even more crushing to the soul is finding out that being sick, no, complaining that you’re sick is not an option. I still have to go to my real job during the middle of the day. I will have to take the train that resembles a lorry for sheep on the way to slaughter house, the jeepney where I risk being mugged to death for the measly amount inside my wallet or to die years from now of lung cancer after inhaling toxic amount of asbestos, lead, carbon monoxide, and particulates.

Often times I ask “What have I gotten myself into?”

I find myself this time writing my complaints about how life is treating me while eating a plate of suspicious-looking pancit, hot dogs,and fried egg I bought from a carinderia in Boni. And still sick.

Like hell.


4 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. Le oi! Rat cam on.

    Toi cam thai khong tot. Nhung ma, mac du toi thai nhu the toi van vui vi toi co ban riong Le.

    I am doing great Le. I’m just sick today. I’m at work this time. Arrgh. Two more months and I’m back in the university. I miss you. Please send my regards to everyone and Co Doanh especially.

    1. hi mike, i’m thinking of having my own domain. i’ll ask you for help one of these days.

      thanks for passing by.

  2. Oh John…

    I don’t know what to say, just want to give you my hug. It’s terrible when you are sick and you still have to bear all your responsibilities…
    There’s no one in this world is as great as you, with all that you’ve done and are doing. Against all these crazy things, you know that you are loved by me and others, so pls keep on trying…


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