In the tradition of Twitter and Facebook that broadcast blow by blow accounts of a person’s life, I am categorically declaring that as of this time, 14th of August 2009, 7:14pm, I am broke. Anyone whose benevolence goes beyond the material or anyone who has heart for the disadvantaged and marginalized, I am shamelessly asking for dole outs.

How unlucky one can get. This is one of the darkest days of my working life. And I do not expect this to be the last. I guess I’ll have to accept this as a regular fixture of my existence as a corporate slave. Receiving so little remuneration for work I do with all my creativity, dedication, and aided by my exemplary academic background.

I am whining and asking rhetorical questions, not so much because the question is the answer but because the question is unanswerable. How come they are in the position when they are dumb? How come they receive higher salary than I do when all they do is to is make incomprehensible, incoherent, and stupid orders? Where did they get the guts to trample on somebody’s pride without second thoughts?

Why am I doing something I do not love?

Now I know why I feel broke.

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