News that sapped me of my libido


I arrived home tired, hungry, and almost about to collapse to my bed. Still, out of routine, I forced myself to read news on the web about Philippine affairs more for the reason that I wanted to be entertained than to make commentaries on issues that do not really vary except for the characters, circumstance, and the gravity of malignity  involved. has preoccupation with the euphoria (I know this is the wrong word, but I do not know the correct word to mean a temporary but heightened feeling of sadness, grief, that is similar to a short term good feeling of euphoria. I just do not have enough time to look for the word) of Cory’s death. Passion having died down, Cory’s passing is starting to lose its novelty and jab, ergo Inquirer is starting to get stale.

As for, the Philippine Star’s online arm, it has for a banner the “AFP slams MILF over clash”. The report is about the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) lodging a complaint against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) for allowing its fighters to join Abu Sayyaf extremists in the gun battle with government troops in Basilan last Wednesday.

It is comedic for two reasons: one, it made a caricature of little AFP boys complaining to their mom that their supposed friends took the side of their enemies; two, to whom will AFP file its complaint? For heaven’s sake! Why don’t they just bomb the entire of MILF and Abu Sayyaf Group and eradicate every existing member of these rebel groups from the face of the planet. If they’re not able to do this, meaning they’re inept at doing what they’re supposed to do and so they’re doomed. But filing complaints? No way. War is bloody, dark, and the pinnacle of humanity’s evil. It is romantic in a sense as well.  You do not separate it from its romantic nature; war is not won by doing paper works.

In another news: Palace defends plan to buy presidential jet. Malacañang justified its move to buy a brand-new presidential jet worth P1.2 billion, saying it would also benefit President Arroyo’s successors and greatly reduce security risks and other dangers of Philippine presidents using aging planes or chartering aircraft for their use.

Oh come on. And Gloria Arroyo expects us to take this justification? This government has gone beyond the limits of what can be taken in. Does Malacañang take us for gullible imbecile? The fact that this proposal is  contemplated is already scandalous, consider its effect when indeed you see Gloria Arroyo alighting from a new jet that is worth a good farm-to-market network road for all the far-flung barangays in Mindanao. The current administration and its minion have altogether ceased to think rationally. Spare the Filipino people with your megalomaniacal tendencies. This, if I may remind you, is a Third World Country. And will remain so unless you drop plans of buying jets for our leaders or eating a meal that costs a fortune in the Philippines using taxpayers’ money.

GMA used P800-million emergency fund for foreign trips. The report says that Arroyo used up the government’s P800-million contingency fund for emergencies like calamities for her frequent foreign trips as revealed by Bukidnon Rep. Teofisto Guingona III.

“She exhausted not only Malacañang’s travel funds but also the P800-million appropriation for emergencies in the 2008 national budget,” he told radio station dzMM.

After the million-peso dinner at Le Cirque in New York City, the current administration is yet again brandishing a new controversy it is adding to the shit on its cap of already bloated list of corrupt practices. It has already lost shame. This makes it even more dangerous. Once ‘hiya‘, a very important Filipino value whose absence means an all out glaring malfeasance, then the Arroyo administration can go on doing what it has done clandestinely for the past years into a conspicuous, no holds-barred sacking of the nation’s coffer.


Inside the bus, after a day’s work at my poorly-paying job, on my way back to my place, I planned of writing about the thrill of having sex inside the elevator of the condominium where I am  staying. I imagined the thrill of doing the ‘thing’ with a stranger and ignoring the Closed Circuit TV camera installed on the ascending box.

I’ll write about it next time, instead.

Because after reading these news stories all my libido and my desire to write deserted me, leaving me with nothing but pure, unadulterated rage.


2 thoughts on “News that sapped me of my libido”

  1. hi john;
    got your blog from nikos – i hope you don’t mind. how are you, busy no doubt. lets get together sometime soon – ciao- raul

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