Cooking pancit canton and pigging out

Now I know how if feels to pig out on pancit canton to a point of near-abdominal eruption. It seems like all my brain cells congregated inside my stomach and there, drenched in vegetable oil, committed mass suicide.

Lucky Me

I bought three packs of Lucky Me pancit canton (three toyo mansi [a savory soy sauce and calamansi concoction]) and a red pack of sweet and spicy noodles). I found out that this is the most ideal combination of sweet, sour, and a little spiciness sure to sate all my craving for the all-Filipino style noodles. To complete my grocery list, I also bought a bag of Gardenia pandesal and a 1.5-liter MUG root beer. They are a bit more expensive than if I buy them from Robinsons Pioneer opposite our side. However, climbing the steep stairs to the MRT station and going down while dodging real estates agents selling their yet-to-be-built condo units will be too much of a hassle. So I ended up buying the things that will stuff me to my gut with the pancit canton I bought from from a 24-hours convenience store on Boni Drive.

I boiled three glasses of tap then dunked my four square-shaped instant noodles for three minutes. Longer than that and you’ll have a yellowish paste; less than and you’ll be eating noodles with a consistency of cuticles freshly nipped from your fingers and toes. Cooking instant noodles is an art. It exacts and demands accuracy and precision you only find in nuclear physics.  It can be frustrating at first but once you get the rhythm and you established your preference for doneness then you can cook it even while sleeping.

While preparing my noodles like an Italian chef cooking for the Queen of England, I cut one by one the tip of the flavoring packs and seasonings using my incisors, mixed them together until they look like baby shit. It is interesting to note that these packs may contain carrot bits and, if you’re lucky, artificial meat that surprisingly disappear once tossed with the steaming noodles.

Pancit Canton

Photo by

After three minutes, using the lid of the pot, I  drained the noodles. Just a reminder, be careful as you could get yourself burned. So I suggest you get a t-shirt from your heaping laundry bag, using it as pot holder, leave a hair-thin space between the pot and its cover, and stealthily tip the pot to about a 70 degrees angle then gradually increasing the recline until you reach 90. Let the urine-colored water to flow. Drain completely.

I then tossed my perfectly cooked noodles to my prepared seasoning.

It was one of the most satisfying meal I’ve had, if my memory serves me right.

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