In cold blood

In Cold Blood

You’re inside a box they call a condominium unit with a monthly amortization you dearly, regularly and religiously pay. You feel safe because unlike other people you call ‘unfortunate’ or ‘disadvantaged’ who have bridges as their dwelling’s sole roof, you stay in an air-conditioned building manned 24 hours by uniformed men paid by the developer to safeguard your safety.

And so you free yourself from this worry concerning security because the amount you paid for, you thought, covers the peace of mind that comes with staying in a high-rise apartment.  Inside your unit which you thought is the safest place on earth second only to your mother’s womb.

You reason that you are given salary to think about keeping the national economy afloat, so worrying about your safety should be a another party’s job. Too mundane a concern to bother you.  You may forget every once in a while to lock your door or secure the windows. You let other people enter your unit because after all CCTVs are all over the place. In case something awful happens, you have suspects to interrogate.

But what you failed to zero in on your equation is the fact that your secured aquarium of an apartment is located in a Third World country where inequality is as common as the shade of green in tropical rainforest. Your safety is not guaranteed. And so one cold, rainy night, while sipping a cup of steaming brewed coffee in your warm and dry room,  when you least expect it, the lot starts to change and you see yourself reflected on a mirror being stabbed repeatedly by a stranger who came from nowhere. You see yourself being dragged to the toilet and there see your own blood gushing from your own cracked cranium that was obsessively banged on the sharp edge of your lavatory. Slowly, you see your self dying. A painful death.

Man killed in QC condo in possible robbery

By Nancy C. Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:26:00 08/16/2009

MANILA, Philippines—The body of a man who had been stabbed to death was found inside the toilet of his condominium unit in Katipunan, Quezon City, before dawn Sunday, the police said.

Chief Inspector Benjamin Elenzano, head of the Quezon City Police District homicide investigation unit, identified the victim as Winston Lou Ynlon, 28.

Elenzano said investigators who went to Ynlon’s unit at the Sunrise Condominium on Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, found it in complete disarray.

He added that police have yet to determine what the victim does for a living and the motive for his killing, although their initial theory was that it was robbery.

Elenzano said police investigators were also still trying to establish if anything had been taken from Ynlon’s unit.

“We have not started the inventory of what [items are] missing as we have yet to talk to the victim’s family,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Ynlon’s body was reported to the police by his friend, Jojo Flores.

Flores told the police that he went to the victim’s unit after the latter failed to reply to his phone calls.

After his repeated knocks on the door went unanswered, Flores said he went to the building administrator and asked him to let him into the victim’s unit.

They later found the victim in the toilet inside his unit. His hands and feet were tied while his body bore several stab wounds.

Below is a call for help made by the Ayala Young Leaders Alliance (AYLA) and AYLC Secretariat on the death of Wynton Ynion, an alumnus (2000) of the leadership program of which the author of this blog was also once a participant of:

The Ayala Young Leaders Alliance (AYLA) and AYLC Secretariat would like to appeal for help regarding the death of our fellow Ayala Young Leader, Winton Lou G. Ynion (AYLC 2000 Alumnus) who was found dead this morning in his apartment. His remains will be at Charity Chapel, St. Don Bosco Parish, Makati City (beside Walter Mart, Makati).

For monetary assistance, you can drop by at AYLC Secretariat, 10th floor, BPI Main Building cor Paseo de Roxas, Ayala Makati or deposit at Mr. Simon Mossesgeld current account: 0011 1643 58. Please text or call Ms. Steffi Borromeo (AYLC 2007- 09275326150/752 1065) if you have deposited on the account.

For volunteers please get in touch with Ms. Steffi R. Borromeo (AYLC 2007) – 09275326150 or 752 1065.


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