Red bites


This is a dull week for writing. I am deprived of anything exciting to write about, or if I have an earth-shaking subject, it is obviously un-post-able here because of its prurient contents that may deprave the mind of my young readers. So I thought of a means to give an account of my activities without giving away the steamy details of my private life.

While staring at the reflection of my unclothed self in a big mirror in the living room I shuddered at the sight of tiny red circles on my neck and chest areas caused by bedbugs after sleeping for several nights in different beds. I already bought a 5-gram tube of over-the-counter ointment from a nearby pharmacy to alleviate the stinging feeling, but it seemed to have only worsened the redness. I also searched the web for possible treatments but most of them brought me back to that inefficacious thick paste.

Then it dawned on me that I also had the same problem when I was still in college. My professor then who was also an active participant in this thing we call bed-hopping advised me to apply hot compress onto the bruises and redness as this will bring back circulation in the area. The high temperature will bring in oxygen in no time enough to remove whatever red marks on the neck and chest areas – places where they are often found since they are the most exposed.

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