When blogging becomes a moral obligation

I’ve stopped blogging for almost four days now. The feeling was undescribable. There were a lot of things I wanted to say but I could not find time to write them here. I hate describing my schedule as ‘preoccupied’ or ‘busy’ because I hate these words, but I was. I sleep for less than four hours each day due to my three (!) jobs, but what makes things even more of a bummer was my inability find time to write.

I was bogged by my conscience. It’s scary to think this way, but blogging has become a moral obligation for me.

5 thoughts on “When blogging becomes a moral obligation”

  1. i.b, hahaha, how-to-sleep longer…yeah, that is what i need this time. i bought a book by rushdie, haven’t started reading it yet, will find time this weekend. ‘the enchantress of florence’–this title sounds different from my usual reads.

    as for coetze, i saw his book once, but too expensive for a paperback. i’ll look for it again and try to see if your opinion of him is true.

    all the best. and thank you.

  2. i’d say you have one quite authentic blog (or your ghostwriter is talented, ha ha). you seem to write from the guts.
    pretentious blogs or writers big no-no for urs truly, coetzee for ex, nobel pr or not, can’t appreciate his work for the perceived pretense. salman rushdie, on other hand, is fr me one of the max. as is the little that i’ve read of leoncio deriada. both seem to have the same sense of humor, tho deriada’s is not so much in his writing, more in his classroom talks.
    looks like you need how-to-sleep-longer more than how-to-wake-up tips, ha ha. don’t burn out, young one :-).

  3. That is so touching Jane. Whenever people tell me that they follow this blog, i could not help but to feel an upwelling inside me to go on and write until I drop.

    Thanks a lot. All the best.

  4. Reading your blog and checking for updates have become part of my daily routine.It’s a good way of starting my day. Keep blogging John!!!!

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