Monday Rock


Nineties rock is a good complement for a rainy Monday morning. Eraserheads final concert recording was blaring inside the bus but I got nothing to complain about. So did other passengers, I believe. Everyone was going with the beat. For any Filipino who spent his teenage years in the 90s, nothing is more 90s than the rock songs of Eraserheads.

The bus conductor, who must have spent his growing up years in the 70s or 80s turned off the overhead television.

Kuya naman! Nanood pa kami,” shouted the lady three seats in front of me.

Kanina pa kasi nakasalang ‘yan miss. Baka magasgas na ang plaka.”

Eh kakasakay ko lang ah, ngayon ko lang nakita ‘to. Kasalanan ko ba na ngayon lang ako nakasakay,” she seemed irritated by the logic of the old man.

Pasensya na miss. Ito Child’s Play, horror to, alam ko kilala mo si Chuckie.”

Ibalik niyo sa Eraserheads!

Oo na.” And the old man could do nothing but to play the recording.

And the atmosphere inside the bus felt like it was the 90s all over again.


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