Happy Thursday

Do you notice how you hate Sunday more than you hate Monday, or how you are more excited for Thursday to come because the day following it is Friday? Our ludicrous sense of time is at work.

It’s Saturday evening and you feel uneasy because the day following it is Sunday, the day preceding Monday, which you hate because it means the start of the long work week ahead. You curse Sunday because it means Mondays is just around lurking in the corner, although you feel that Sunday is wrongly charged for causing fear in you as it was unfortunately and arbitrarily placed before Monday. This is a classic case of misdirected ire.

On the other hand, the promise of Friday, the rest you badly need, and temporary end of an arduous week of being employed and paid contemptibly small is transferred to Thursday. Everybody loves Thursday, more than Friday, because Friday follows it.

It’s for the same reason why I love waking up today. Nothing can beat waking up on the best day of the week.


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