A job interview, a conversation with a good college friend, a reunion with college classmates, and deciding to go back to my hometown by midnight — if there’s anything I could use to describe my day yesterday, it was just too much.


I was sort of ‘interviewed’ by the members of the faculty of the Division of Humanities. In fact it was more of catching up with each other. After my short interview, a college friend and batch mate, Prince Golez invited me to have coffee at Coffee Break on General Luna Street which is several blocks opposite UP Visayas Iloilo City Campus. We talked about our plans for the next months, how we will paint the town red, and how we will challenge the conservative sensibility of the people in Iloilo.

After a talk on our waning idealism, ‘envelopmental’ journalism, our insatiable sex life (mine generally), and a passing discussion on the politics in the city, I asked him to accompany me to a foreign exchange at the Atrium. In the next two months, I know I’ll be financially strapped, but it bothers me the least, except for some moments that I spend alone when this gnawing fear visits me. In the mean time, I am this carefree academic who care less about where I’ll get the money for my next meal so long as I fill my time with experience gleaned from travels and books.

Without any thought, I purchased a ticket for a boat going to General Santos that will leave in seven hours and a return flight that will leave from Davao a month later. So I asked Prince to accompany me to the apartment of my siblings to get my things. I finished packing in 30 minutes.

I left before midnight but not before meeting my college friends at Esca’s which is owned by a good friend of mine which I have not met for a long time. We did some last minute talks about what each of us has gone through during the times we single-handedly faced our individual issues. It was just too fast, but I’ll be back in a month’s time.


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