This trip home, which I’ve been planning since I finished college but has been postponed several times, is finally realized. I am currently enjoying an all expenses paid, free board and lodging living that will last for at least a month until I leave for the university next month. No bills, electricity, or rent to pay. And courtesy of my loving parents, I will not have to worry where to get my next meal. I will not have to bother myself with waking up so early in the morning and staying up late for work. Life can never get better than this. I have all the time in the world to read and write, bum around, watch television (something I stopped doing days ago after I found out that our vintage television shows nothing but insipid local noon time shows, boring melodramas, and unimaginative news coverage by both primetime news program), and go to the gym.

However, my old self haunted me. While I am supposed to be resting to my heart’s content, I found myself volunteering to teach Journalism in the two local high schools here. And it was already too late; the moment I hinted the suggestion, the schedule was already ironed out, the venue prepared, and the list of participants completed. Nonetheless, it’s a supposedly un-thought of decision I never regretted. It felt good going back to the high school where I graduated from and share with its students my knowledge and burning passion for journalism and writing.

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20 thoughts on “Detour”

  1. thank you kuya for giving us the chance to be with you in that workshop!!!i learned a lot and its our pleasure to be with you!!1take care always!!

  2. nothing really special about that word but the way you relate it something makes it somewhat appealing. hehe i dont know what term to use but i think thats it 🙂

  3. well yes opinions are opinions whether be it right or wrong. you should appreciate the comments made in this blog and i guess it shows that many are reading this article.

    anyway we do argue because of the differences we have been used to, to mention the way we were brought up, the values we were taught and the society we were exposed to. 🙂

  4. insipidus,

    i know you are anonymous, but thank you so much for the encouragement.

    i’m entitled to an opinion as well, by the way.

  5. did i read the word insipid correctly? well a blog is a blog primarily composed of the author’s ideas and basically his opinions that keep running to and fro inside his mind.

    your ideas are subjective so in my opinion those “insipid” noon time shows may be not so palatable to your taste buds but if you are aware there are millions of people out there laughing out their hearts out.

    to each on his own as the cliche says. 🙂

    just do what your heart says. revive your passion for teaching and i know you’ll soar high.

  6. “insipid local noon time shows, boring melodramas, and unimaginative news coverage by both primetime news program)” …..

    hmmmm… Have you tried asking the common people (masa) why they still continue to watching these? There must be something in these programs that are worth watching…
    And, honestly speaking, it’s not easy to make these kinds of programs… especially if you’ve been educated and exposed to a lot of ideas… it’s really a big challenge (creatively) to make programs for them… hehehehe….

    1. Le oi. my former high school teacher took m picture. I’m leaving my hometown again next month. sad, but i have to.

  7. oops, u are back home already? Nice nice :X :X :X Give your mum a tight hug for me, and tell her that I miss her voice – the sweetest one I’ve ever heard.

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