Love songs and how they inspire dread, scornful pity, and cloud one’s judgment

To listen to love songs during late night programming when all cheesy and gut wrenching songs with romantic melodies and lyrics are playing is the worst advice one can give to somebody recovering from a recent breakup.

But tonight, just before all the FM radio stations in General Santos City sign off, I am doing something I would proscribe anyone from doing, with or without of late parting with his/her lover. But I cannot help it, I am doing my sister’s Math project, which she requested me to do last week. I procrastinated until this afternoon when she demanded me to do it with added stipulation that I have to be done with it tonight or she’ll have nothing to submit later this morning to her teacher, and that it will cost her her grades for this grading period. Being a brother ridden with biting guilt that I have not helped my sister with any of her assignments since she started schooling, I humbly acquiesce.

Example is this one below:

8. Of the apples inside the barrel that will be sent to Tampakan for Christmas, 1/13 are green, 2/4 are red Fuji variety, and 7/65 are sour yellow, the remaining apples are native ones grown in Kalsangi (a local farm in Polomolok, South Cotabato famous for its golf course and fine weather). What part of the apples in the barrel are native variety from Kalsangi?

Let me know if you know the answer.

I have no choice but to hear the songs coming from an old stereo to my left, since silence is a harsher company.


So here I am being drowned by Barry Manilow’s bromidic sermons about love, gasping in Air Supply’s heinous high notes, and helplessly manslaughtered by Engelbert Humperdinck 70s classic, while wracking my head to provide answers to the fraction word problems I wrote myself.

In general, love songs are meant to be confusing. The poetry, or prose, that makes up the so called lyrics is nothing but a gibberish that is arranged in such a way that it sounds intelligible to somebody whose judgment is clouded by a recent heartache or a newly found love. Every line is sprinkled with randomly chosen meaningless abstraction such as the word love (the most overused), memories, the only one, alone, you, heart, waiting, remember, now and then, tomorrow, sun, song I sing, all my life, day without you, and other ludicrous ideas that exist anywhere but in reality.

They all have silly notions that forever can be through, there can be bluer than blue, about a moonriver (a foolish idea) wider than a mile that can be crossed in style someday, somebody whose only want is to grow old with somebody, leaving on a jetplane to someday come back with her wedding ring, or saying ‘I’m yours’ while spending precious time doing an entirely dopey thing of checking one’s tongue in the mirror.

And it would be too much if I still have to comment on the melody. They all sound the same, with some little variations here and there, and whose only purpose is to make anyone of their unsuspecting victims to be out of touch with what’s real.

See, I almost forgot about my sister’s assignment. I have to continue writing now, while ‘Unchained Melody’ envelops my room with an eerie feeling of dread.



One thought on “Love songs and how they inspire dread, scornful pity, and cloud one’s judgment”

  1. ‘yo kong tumanda pero kung ‘yun lang para-an na ma outgrow yung mga Barry Manilow, Air supply, unchained melody, etc hehe, ok na rin, hehe.
    sa post na ito, impression ko, isa kayo doon sa mga hindi duma-an ng bakya phase, hehe. walang bad influence 🙂 mahilig pa rin ba kayong makinig ng radio?
    kung may ma-recommend kayo (NOT URGENT) na visayas o mindanao na live radio sa internet, pwede ko ring hanapin sa google pero baka may specific kayo na alam, would be great to know:)
    ‘tong dalawang clips, mga Houellebecq poems na kinanta ni Jean-Louis Aubert, yung una ang title sa poem HMT (p 133, Non réconcilié na anthologie) pero ang title ng kanta “voilà ce sera toi” (voilà, it’s gonna be you)
    yung pangalawa, ang title isolement (isolation) na na-andito ang french at isang english translation:
    Medyo mas malapit sa traditional lovesong (pero hindi completely) yung una, sa melody at sa text, pero nakakatuwa yung pangalawang clip, si Houellebecq talaga yung kaharap ni Aubert, sweet sila, kahit matanda na 🙂

    btw, tungkol sa mga veterans, would you know anything recent about Freddie Aguilar (new album, tour)? peeked at his website, ewan kung updated yun, looks like he’s got a music bar/resto. for me, he really has a lot of class.

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