A new addition to my ‘hatest’ list:

Christmas carols sung by college students who never bothered to practice.

They sing stupid songs like Jingle Bells and Give Love on Christmas Day which they consider cute when they were nine and have not outgrown the liking for none sense songs like these. They accompany these atrocity with percussion instruments that sound charming if five-year-olds play them, but an entirely different case if shrieking college students tap and shake them.

And I cannot wait for the Holidays to be over if only to escape from these carolers who might have forgotten that the celebration of Christmas should never be imposed on anybody. And that Christmas songs should not be sung as to trigger a lethal heart attack.


13 thoughts on “A new addition to my ‘hatest’ list:”

  1. ok, this is really clogging your comments box now, but just wanted to send the original of the silly song which isn’t really that bad:

    1. the song is still silly whether it’s the cute animals singing or this whining engelbert humperdinck-look-a-like who wants to be home for christmas . salamat.

  2. i don’t know how it displays on your side, but i swear i didn’t embed that video, just pasted the link, don’t know how it got there. sorry.

    1. ibbie, no worries. it’s perfectly okay. the first thing that greeted me when i reached my place in miagao is a video of these cute animals.

  3. ha ha ha, you’re just really outrageously funny, you just can’t help it, can you? 🙂 give love on xmas day, just has the silliest lyrics one can think of, lol.
    anyway, it’s the time of year when kitsch reigns, when glossy red is an acceptable color, which at other times of the year would simply be baduy.
    have a nice christmas, anyway.
    and to give you one more heart attack, here’s another silly song:

    1. the video is soooo funny. i just can’t think why somebody would bother doing such video. haha.

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