On why it is difficult to say smart things all the time

In a middle of a heated conversation about a generic topic (examples would be the weather, recent happenings in politics and show business, and the economy) saying something that is downright inconsistent with the intellectual tone of the engagement is not only a form of betrayal but also an impropriety.

People like hearing other people saying witty commentaries about unimportant things, inasmuch as they like hearing themselves saying something smart about something they think is worth their two cents.

That is why, these days, it is getting more difficult to say something smart and original because people are getting smarter and wittier. It is now harder to participate in cerebral exchanges as the probability of saying something stupid increases as the number of people who think they are smart climb.

And so for some, they choose the most obvious choice, to wallow in the comfort of silence.


I almost forgot, today is my mother’s birthday. Happy Birthday, ma.