Having nothing to write about

Whenever I am confronted by an aggressive, blank, white page, whether a piece of paper or computer screen, and I have no idea what to write, I writhe and curl back to my seat because I feel impotent. I become limp, my will turning into a flaccid mass of deboned ego, piling on top of its wringkled skin similar to the appearance of  piled up unwashed clothes in one of the corners of my room this time.


4 thoughts on “Having nothing to write about”

  1. Probably the ‘impotence’ is psychogenic and not somatic. You have gift but you’re scared of the ghost of your english teacher beside you. Loosen up a bit and write as if it’ll be your last chance to write.

  2. Mayo ka gani – rare lang na nagakatabo. I feel ‘impotent’ all the time. haha. That’s why I find it hard to maintain a blog.

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