Who isn’t?

Finally I am convinced of the bigotry and lack of utter sense of some people in the upper echelon of power in the Philippines. Not that I was too naive to realize this very late, but because I gave them a little benefit of the doubt.They cannot be stupid, I thought, but my subconscious was telling me that they are all morons.

I admit that I do not have a crystal clear grasp of gay politics in the Philippines. Filipino homosexuals, especially those in the fringes of urban areas, are disorganized, silent, and do not see themselves a part of the great gender revolution that is happening in Manila. However, I must say that even in Manila, few gays are politically involved. So calling it a gender revolution is a bit exaggerated. Being involved means getting ‘out of the  closet’. And gay men know better what it means to be ‘out’ in this society.  As a consequence most gay men distance themselves from each other, or at least from those who look flamboyantly gay.

This fear, to call it such, of a closeted gay man of being associated with other gays, as this will unavoidably lead to him and his secrets being brought to the open,  is the reason why it is difficult to organize homosexuals in this country.

The recent disqualification of the party-list party Ang Ladlad by the Commission on Elections with a justification that the party and its openly gay members led by the Ateneo de Manila professor Danton Remoto, definitely with the inclusion of all other gay people within or without their closets, are ‘immoral’, barred them from enjoying their right to run for public office.

From these I gathered that the commissioners assigned to the most daunting task of holding the elections in may 2010, who are in the rein of making sure this country will have a new lease of life,  have brains as microscopic as that of protists. Protists, by the way, do not have brains.

And so they declared a party ineligible for reason of immorality. As regards the basis for which this declaration was based, I do not know, and I can only, if you’ll allow me, speculate:

1. Pink, purple, fuchsia, and rainbow (since the commissioners who are the power-that-be this season consider this as one of the color of the spectrum!) are immoral colors because they are unpure, bastard mixtures of primary colors.

2. The gay parlance is a hybrid that changes endlessly. The last week’s most hyped word could easily be outmoded in seven days time. This is the sign of the scheming devil, continually changing forms and shapes to deceive the faithful.

3. The male body is ugly. The female body is beautiful. Beauty can be a moral question too, aside from it being a question of taste. Gay men lust for the male form, a breach in the universality of beauty. They are immoral because they worship ugliness.

4. Gay men participate in activities that are considered inappropriate, dirty, wanton, contributing nothing in man’s burgeoning gene pool. They express love by inserting an appendage of their bodies in holes unsanctioned by church leaders. And because they get unspeakable pleasure from this act against nature, they become moral zombies.

5. And lastly, they are immoral because the creator of the universe gave life only to the male and female of the species. Anything or anyone that does not fall in any of the two categories are definitely of the devil, including gay lions and lesbian garden snails.

But being stupid is the most immoral thing for me. And the COMELEC committed the most despicable form of immorality–being so stupid.