When the last lecture has been delivered

I have not given much thought to this, but after delivering my last lecture for this year I became aware of the vulnerability of the entire intellectual pursuit and the people who are involved in this endeavor. I was standing in front of my class, my laptop beside me, talking about a topic of which its relevance in my students’ lives is questionable.

I think I am not at all that bad when it comes to teaching. But there are moments, some split seconds, when I feel I am talking to a wall. And during these moments do I feel really bad about myself. It’s almost like experiencing an internal convulsion but whose effect I cannot physically express because the upwelling is securely contained within.

And after delivering my last lecture for 2009, I felt like spewing everything that has remained stuck in my gut.

Floating thistle

I’ll try to post something nice and light this time that has nothing to do with politics, rage, murder, and all those negativity we are wont to witness everyday.

I was walking my way home  on a hot and sunny afternoon when I caught this beautiful thistle. I kept it between the pages of my 2010 planner. I’ll forget about it, completely. But one day, in one of those lucky days, I’ll open a page of my planner and find the thistle lying flat on one of the pages, still beautiful, that will remind me of that fine afternoon when I caught it with my right palm.