Because of the holidays, I may not be able to post for a week or two. You may still leave your comments here and I shall promptly respond the moment I get hold of a web connection.You may read older post; my adventures in Vietnam last year are suggested.

I’ll try to lose myself a bit this time if only to find it again. Nonetheless, we cannot all be doing things like how a romantic would. The degree of being ‘lost’ will depend on my financial means, which is rather bleak this time. The best university in the country is yet to release my salary for November and December because of a drug test I cannot undergo. I am a victim of a system malfunction of the country’s pathetic attempt to be competitive in the modern age without equipping its people with proper knowledge on how to operate and troubleshoot these machines. Full story will follow in future posts.

Until this time, I could not imagine how I managed to survive for two months penniless. And UP, the biggest red tape there is, stuck with its policies and opted to starve one of its faculty members than to forgo something like a required drug test. I might as well take amphetamine and stone myself crazy. UP administration must find ways on how to streamline its operation, be more efficient, and proactive. It cannot continue being the bastion of intellectualism in the country if it works like the Bureau of Internal Revenue. It cannot brag being the best, if the people running it are dimwitted if not brainless.

I am demoralized, demotivated, and furious. I feel humiliated. UP can now be considered in the league of the worst employers in the country. Its human resource department has boxed itself inside a vacuum, a quiet room, deaf to the calls for change. An academic institution striving to be or to retain the position of being the best in the country needs to let go, ax, fire, abolish this human resource arm and replace it with something poised to cope with the changes.

I am so disappointed with the University of the Philippines. Really, I am.


10 thoughts on “Advisory:”

  1. yes, i am based here but travel frequently to mindanao, viet nam, etc. delete the phone number from the blog as soon as you can please. btw: i am not well versed on bloglife so apologies for my ignorance

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  3. Thank you for taking interest in my blog. I also noticed that you have taken subscription to my blog. I may have encountered your blog before, but still please give me your blog url.

    I’m thinking of writing about my experiences during the holidays in my very small city in central Philippines. What about yours?

  4. I understand your frustration and regret that this is the situation at hand. I have a couple of ideas if you are open to writing during the holiday season. Send me an email and the dialogue can begin.

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