A visit

I left the city this afternoon for Miagao because the city, its noise and grimes, had been too much to bear. I sought refuge in the quiet of the boondocks and the monotonous sound coming from my laptop while writing in my room on campus. I brought supplies with me because nothing is sold anywhere within a three-kilometer radius of the university. The campus is like a ghost town. One will have to walk for twenty-minutes to reach the highway and wait at the corner waiting shed for passing jeepneys. I have to leave for the city early tomorrow if I do not want to starve.

This time, however, I am binging on canned goods, instant noodles, and 3-in-1 coffee, hoping that I am able to store enough food energy to last until nine in the morning tomorrow.

I browsed the net for six hours straights, read the news, and watched some irrelevant videos on Youtube. A friend complained how my posts have been so full of angsts these days. According to him they were shorter, sadder, and abnormally full of rage (as I am an angry writer). I disagreed. But he might have been correct.

I heard somebody saying that during Christmas, all roads lead home, but not, I think, in my case. This is my second Christmas away from home. Last year, I was in Hanoi washing my dirty clothes on the eve of the 25th. This year, I have no idea where I shall be, but I hope I will not anymore be doing my laundry on that day.


9 thoughts on “A visit”

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  2. i.b, thanks a lot. I am thinking of going somewhere else with my brother on christmas. hahaha. yeah, we can do nothing but console ourselves that at least we’re not the loneliest. no definite plans yet for friday.


    better years to come.

  3. angry for no reason? lol. well, you’ll probably use up all your anger early then, and grow older gracefully :).
    as for the world celebrating christmas, i always console myself by saying that the world is only 33% christian. india and china account for a great share of the world , xmas will just pass them by, as the rest of asia, probably, the middle east, even the holy land.
    at least you don’t have to work in the run-up to xmas. it never feels like xmas until the last minute to me, when the working day is over, and i usually end up making pansit with spaghetti as the chinese store closes early and spaghetti is cheaper anyway :).
    good to read that you’re hyperacidic, if only so that you won’t drink yourself to a black-out, ha ha. spare some drunkenness for new year’s eve :).
    here’s raising my glass to your health :).

  4. you are indeed one angry young man :-). with reason, i suppose.
    does it help to paraphrase tolstoy and say – happy people are all the same but unhappy people are all unique in their unhappiness :-). by not being merry this season, you’ll be going against the current as usual, i guess :-).
    am not so merry myself, but am used to it :-).
    merry xmas anyway :-).

    1. i.b, what if I am angry for no reason at all? hahaha.

      besides you said it succinctly, ‘i am used to it’. thanks. merry christmas. it’s been a great year.

    1. fjordz, thanks. the human mind is dauntingly complex. my loving family is waiting for me, but being alone while the rest of mankind is celebrating this season makes solitude even more tempting. and I’m used to it. Maligayang Pasko sa ‘yo.

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